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  1. Amen to the request for adding people to a workchat. If this can't be done, is it possible to 'name' a chat, give it a title so to speak, so that I can redirect people in the chat to use that particular chat rather than an individual one. As an example, a team member seems to have their own chat however their email appears in the group one. I could redirect them to use that one if it could be clearly identified.
  2. Thanks people for your answers. Yes, I chatted to the students as a class and those responsible for creating and sharing notebooks have now removed them.
  3. I teach junior high and have made a notebook for each of the students in my class which I have then shared with only them. At the creation stage, I left the sharing permissions on 'edit and invite' as I wanted to them to be able to upload homework to the share however I didn't think at that stage that there would be a problem with leaving it with the 'invite' permission. However it has come to my attention via another student, that some students have made a new notebook for themselves and sharing it with the class, thus being able to use the workchat to post annoying messages. At this stage, I'm not sure of the extant of this as I can't see anything in workchat on my device. I have since changed their permissions to 'edit' only as I still need them to upload homework. Has anyone run into this kind of issue before? Thanks
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