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  1. When I click on a tag in the left hand pane that has sub-tags, instead of showing me notes that have the tag I clicked on it instead searches for notes that have that tag and all of it's sub-tags. I organise my tags similar to folders, and the sub-tags are more specific than the parent tag therefore it's unlikely notes would have all of the sub-tags. I can't think of a reason why this would be useful or a way of working that would require this. Is this the intended functionality? Is there a way to change settings so it instead shows the notes that have the selected tag and not also require them to have all of the sub-tags?
  2. I thought providing further feedback would be helpful. As this long requested feature still hasn't been included I've cancelled my premium/plus subscription and am using a different note taking app which includes nested tags in the iOS version. Evernote has a lot of great features, though it is perhaps becoming a little clunky, but as it prevents the tagging method of organisation being easy to use from an iOS device it isn't quite a useful to me as some of the competition. Cheers.
  3. I don't understand why this isn't in iOS yet either. The android development team have had it in for ages. I emailed and asked them about it and this was the response I got: Unfortunately tag hierarchy is not supported in iOS. We are well aware of this feature request, and take all these in consideration when updating our app. Nevertheless I will forward your feedback directly to our developers to reinvigorate this application in tags. Evernote is great but not being about to see the tag hierarchy on iOS reduces how useful it is. It would be really nice just to hear why they haven't decided to add it as they are apparently well aware of the request. Hopefully they'll decide to add it soon!
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