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  1. Even if I'm not using all the functionalities (presentation for example), this nit acceptable. Just rolled back to previous version and, of course, deactivated the automatic update in my iPhone and iPad. A disaster this version. Users were not consulted, this is clear and paying for Evernote Premium does not imply we are beta-testers because it is clear that this was not tested.
  2. I fully agree with you. That reminder functionality that disappeared is also a disaster for me.
  3. Hello, not happy at all. In the previous version, when you clicked on the reminders clock in "all notes" or in a list of notes filtered for a tag, for example, the list of notes was appearing in the reminder order. Now, there is no way for getting this sorted correctly and, worse, nothing is foreseen in the "Note list Options" for chosing in the "Sort by" settings "By reminders", on top of the date updated, date created and note title. This is very annoying and I am deeply disappointed by this. Thanks.
  4. +1. This indeed very annoying. What I do is that I duplicate the note in my iphone, go back to Windows Evernote, wait for sync and start using the copy when it is there, except if I do not have my iphone near ... Thanks !
  5. Hello, Version 5.8.13 is freezing even more for me. Since v., after each upgrade I have to roll back , including with this last version which is the worse one. (Windows 7 Pro) Thank you
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