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  1. It seems that Evernote really is not doing the caching in this case, it is using the various caches from different file/photo apps to generate a "Recent" list for use in attaching files to notes. That is a good approach. My only interest was to figure out a way to remove some or all items from such a list. Once a way to do that was not intuitively straightforward, I got curious. Jeff, if you don't have the exact same settings that I noted, I suspect each of your apps for files (Google Drive, DropBox, etc.), music, photos (Gallery, Photos) has some app-specific way to get to the storage and cache and delete stuff. If you do not have My Files (which my Galaxy S9s file manager), the exact steps may differ.
  2. You're welcome. And likely correct: very Googlish behavior is afoot. I did try a few files in Google Drive, confirmed that they ended up in the Evernote "Recent" during an attachment operation, and then went back and cleared the cache for Google Drive. That eliminated those files in that instance. So, at least in some cases, my longer and more involved process is not required. Best, MK
  3. Well, I can't say I "figured it out" as such, but I did manage to go to Android Settings => Apps => My Files, click on the sprocket, choose "Edit My Files home" under Customization, and turn off the "Recent Files" option. Then I went through and cleared cache in every app that might hold the files I was looking for: Google Drive, Photos, Gallery, Evernote, etc. Then I powered off the phone for a few seconds. After powering it back up, the files I was after were not available while doing an attachment to a note. It is not certain what the critical steps were, but that process definitely points to some interaction with the Android OS cache setup. I also note that these files were not an issue on my iPad, even though the Evernote account is the same. Mike Kelly
  4. Dave, Thanks for your reply. I was beginning to suspect this was a quirk of the Android variety. In fact I have played around with the hamburger a bit to see if I could determine the source of these phantom files. I've even run searches in the Android file system, but thus far have not found any specific files. Your information does not "help" in the sense that it solves this problem, but it does help confirm my suspicion that this is just an OS thing. In truth, this is now more of a curious interest in the matter than a practical problem. Nothing is really "broken" for me. I see this sort of thing as a cybersecurity issue, but not one to lose sleep over. If I were a clandestine journalist working in a repressive region, I do not think I would be using Evernote--but then, I would not be using a standard smart phone either. I am not in that situation, so I can quietly entertain myself by trying to figure this out. Again, I appreciate the input and the reassurance that I'm likely in the right ballpark. Best, Mike Kelly (Mike-in-Maine)
  5. I am trying to figure out how, if possible, to clear the queue of recent files, photos, etc. found when trying to make an attachment to a note. In this case, I want to clear them from a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone using the Android OS. I have tried clearing cache and storage, clearing cache, storage, and then uninstalling/re-installing Evernote, and all of the preceding, but with a soft reset (restart) before re-installing Evernote. I have searched for the specific files in the Android file system as well, but they are not apparent. I have also tried clearing cache in various locations for files (Gallery, Photos, etc.) and emptying trash. Nothing seems to get rid of these "recent" files. I have created "new" entries in this recent list, but still cannot find any place they reside as individual files. As I look at the list, it is not even clear to me where some of these files are coming from. Something Google related, perhaps. Any help is appreciated. Regards, Mike Kelly
  6. I also have good news. Shane J, from Evernote support, responded to my support ticket. He suggested my son change the contact name associated with his account and save the changes. That worked, for whatever reason. I can now initiate chats with him, and he shows up with the contact name instead of anonymously. I also successfully shared a folder using the chat method. So, all is well. The only anomaly is that I still cannot initiate a chat with my son using his GMail address. But, as I told Shane, that is pretty much academic since I can use the contact name quite as easily. Hopefully this solution will help others with the same problem. Thank you, gazumped, for your suggestions. Cheers all, Mike Kelly
  7. I do not believe so. I checked the account settings and they seem to be correctly using his e-mail address. Plus, the tests using my wife's account to send to him worked, using the same e-mail address I used. Is there a specific setting I should check; maybe I missed something. Thanks for your reply.
  8. Hi, I found this thread because I am having some problems with Chat and sharing a notebook. The problem became evident when I tried sharing a folder with my son. He never received the New Chat. In fact, subsequent attempts by me to initiate a chat failed. I had him try to initiate a chat with me, and that worked, although oddly. He appears not as his own account, but as an anonymous "Evernote User" with a numerical ID of some sort. Both my son and I have premium accounts. I later tested my chat and sharing with my wife, who does not have a premium account, and we are apparently able to communicate and share just fine. That indicates that the problem is possibly some problem with my son's account (settings, whatever), or something between our accounts. A final test, having my wife initiate a chat with my son's account, worked fine. That seems to narrow the scope down to just the relationship between my son's account and mine, which is a pretty selective problem. There is a ticket in to support: #1169953. I will have to update it with some of my later tests. I welcome any insight into this, and any suggestions where I might look at various settings, profile setup, contact sources, etc. to see if this is a user-fixable issue. Cheers, Mike Kelly
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