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  1. As a linux user I've started using the Evernote client using wine in Docker. It's a one line setup (assuming you have docker installed). Main reason for using the client is for offline notes. http://thshaw.blogspot.com/2015/07/running-evernote-in-docker.html
  2. Some notes on running Evernote inside Docker with Wine : http://thshaw.blogspot.ie/2015/07/running-evernote-in-docker.html
  3. Running Evernote inside a Docker container might be a good option for some : http://thshaw.blogspot.ie/2015/07/running-evernote-in-docker.html
  4. Just started working on this today. Evernote in a Docker container using wine : http://thshaw.blogspot.ie/2015/07/running-evernote-in-docker.html @@tomwillfixit There may be some issues but it's kinda cool.
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