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  1. Recently I noticed that in many of my notes the PDF attachments disappeared. Not in all but in quite a lot. Luckily I could found these documents still in the legacy version. is this a conflict between the two versions? I do not want to test it and get rid of the legacy version as it works as my backup. After complaining to EN support that the search over all notebooks does not work – and their answer (today) that this problem is intentionally as they did not include this feature in the new version anymore – another big failure of the new version. Hopefully this is not intended and they w
  2. Yes, I will start a new thread. Just another information: Today I received an email form EN support saying that they did PDF search not include in the new version. Like some other features they are still thinking if to include into EN or not.
  3. @PinkExlephant – EN Edition Scanner: Oh this is good news! I had already the firmware changed to ix500. If I remember correctly: I had to install ScanSnap but besides this addition the scanner continued to work perfectly. I didn't know that this was the only difference. Thank you also for the alternatives for local notebook. I will investigate them. Yesterday I experienced another disappointment with the new version. It turned out that some of my PDFs are lost in the new versions!! Not all of them und luckily they are still available on the legacy version. I do not know if this is a
  4. Thank you for this information. It confirms my suspicion that there are several problems with the new version. I have to confess that I am really pissed off with this new version. I am missing the feature of lokal notebooks – which are not supported anymore. And I am afraid that Evernote will not support anymore the Evernote edition scanner. The excellent search was my main reason I loved Evernote. All these features have convinced me to subscribe to the premium versions now for several years. (Otherwise I would just use Joplin, which has grown – especially in the last few month – to a viable
  5. With dismay I noticed that the new macOS premium version does not find text in longer documents (PDFs) anymore. It still works with the Legacy version and search also works inside a note. But it does not work over all notebooks. I have my notebooks in folders organised. Maybe this is a problem with the new version? Or it has to do with the new display of longer documents, where just the first side is visible and one has to turn pages to see the other pages. Do other people experience the same problem? Peter
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