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  1. I am running version (Build ce-48.0.5483). When I upgraded to version 6.15 Outlook stopped working (my OST file got corrupted). I had to do a System Restore to fix the problem. I don't even use the Outlook features. I wanted to report this but also to find out if there is a way to prevent Evernote from installing its Outlook add-in which is unnecessary for me. Thanks.
  2. I know this has been asked before -- I have seen references from Feb. 2014 -- and yet nothing has been done to ameliorate this issue. Why can't Evernote make a tinyurl created by sharing a NY Times article, for example, on an Android device into a hyperlink? Why must I have to edit the note in the Windows desktop program and add a space or linefeed at the end to do so? I would like to be able to just click the url in the note and go to that page in my browser without any additional steps. This seems so simple that I am perplexed as to why you do not do this. As a software developer who has done this many times in my own code I just can't figure out this lapse.
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