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  1. I was not aware of this, and thank you for your kind pointing it out.
  2. I let my paid subscription lapse when there was the huge style change that discombobulated my EN use (being a visual person), and am having trouble returning to paid when I now have to restart EN so frequently (that glitch that's persisting). Hard for me to start paying again for something that's failing me on 4 counts now as opposed to their prior unimproved versions. Layout accessibility, blank notes, intrusive pop-ups, that change where I have to take a 2nd step to make a title rather than the old way which simply used the beginning of the post.
  3. Does anyone know how to prevent EN from controlling my computing interface with their update pop-up? It's happened at truly disruptive times of work Zooms, in the middle of a timely work project, etc. I'm stunned it's happening. I tried to find a way to turn it off, but haven't yet. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  4. This is still happening (maddeningly) on my Mac. It makes info retrieval a many-step process - do a search, encounter blank note, restart the program, re-enter the search info...... very curious if the long length of this major a glitch is because devs don't care, product is being discontinued, or ? Wouldn't it be better to return to a stable earlier version than this mess?
  5. One more example of tone-deaf devs. Giving this option is a no-brainer if user-responsiveness was valued. .
  6. I quit paying for this product when the devs' disrespect showed up in the profound design change with no option to use the classic mode which worked for me. Having to deal with these pop-ups PLUS the blank note issue is tipping me into looking for another database.
  7. These things, yes. I can adapt to changes. I am infinitely less likely to accept being disregarded and disrespected, and that's how this (non-communicative) process has made me feel. The problem is that most decision-makers who act in disrespectful ways aren't able to learn from feedback such as this. I, too, feel badly for having recommended Evernote to people.
  8. The disrespect is in not communicating about what clearly for some is a major design change - or being responsive about. I'm only one little customer but it cost them my paid subscription. I find the new layout very much not to my liking, but it was the way it was handled that most rankled.
  9. I didn't communicate clearly - I meant that if I have to downgrade to a functional-to-me version, I'm unwilling to pay. If they'd communicated clearly beforehand, that's another story.
  10. I would have had they clearly communicated what the upgrade included. I'm unwilling to pay to have to downgrade.
  11. I've previously had the experience with a software provider who refused to respond to user queries about whether or not they were planning to fix a product broken by an iOS update. This lack of communication shows me disrespect for users. I ended up feeling like a circus chump. This experience of what clearly is a major design change (based on the strength of response by the number of users taking time to write about this, which reflects my sense as well) with no communication to users about it before they downloaded the update, no communication about it since, makes me feel the company has the same customer service sensibility. This I don't respect. I didn't particularly need the paid benefits of Evernote, but will pay when a product is providing good service. I feel they betrayed that good service and thus I choose to quit paying for the subscription (which I did this month when it came due, and which I wouldn't have otherwise.)
  12. I'm still in Evernote but I cancelled my subscription just because of this - trialing some other options.
  13. Perfect timing, the suggestion of ZOHO. My Evernote paid subscription ends in a few days and I'll be moving on. Any major layout change without notification/warning/option to change COMBINED WITH zero response to customer queries about future options to return to the old layout = not worth getting my $$.
  14. I tweeted them. Does anyone have an idea of an alternate database that's vetted and likely to be around a while? I'd used SOHO Notes for about 10 years, until their lack of communication (when an OS update broke it and they didn't reply to pleas to know if they'd fix it or not) caused me to leave. This access change and lack of communication about it feels like the same customer disrespect to me. I'm interested in trying again - maybe 3rd time is the charm - find a company with a good product AND good customer communications.
  15. It's the developer's communication that's the key for me. I was a loyal and faithful SOHO Notes user through many of their iterations, until it broke with an iOS update and they simply DID NOT REPLY to any of their many users' plaintive questions about whether and when they'd be updating. So by the time they did reply - maybe a year later - I'd moved to Evernote, even though I like it less. And now this significant layout change WITH NO COMMUNICATION or response to our queries is making me equally nervous. Maybe time to move again.
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