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  1. I have loved Evernote for many years (maybe 5 to 7?). Continued to use it after my company moved everyone to Office365 two years ago, making OneNote widely available, because the Evernote UI was fast, easy, simple. My fav feature is the hotkey to add a box for a check-mark list and the hotkey to throw in a horizontal line. I have truly been using Evernote for note-taking (less for web clipping etc), including recording session based test notes during software testing (I'm a tester and product advocate at my company). But yesterday, while testing my own application's performance, I realized I needed to shut down Evernote since it was consuming between 25 and 34% of my CPU and RAM was over 1000MG. OneNote, also running, was far below that and not lagging. Considering as well that my company security has not white-listed Evernote, I'm afraid I have to move to a new note-taker. In reading through the forums, I did not see an actual 'solution' to these kind of performance issues, or any way to adjust setting to mitigate. Those would be welcome if there are any. The updates over the last 6 months seem to be the source of my difficulties. It's a heavier app now.
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