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  1. Thank you Writer, it works just as you say. It's quite strange you have to have the Bluetooth settings page open otherwise it does not work. Woohoo now I can reuse my JS2 with the iPad Air2 ??????????????
  2. Hi SMPK, The JS2 does not connect to penultimate. This has happened after the update to penultimate. So maybe we will have to wait indefinitely. However you can try zoom notes. This is the help I got from Adonit, as they were unable to help me any other way.
  3. I have the same experience to report. The JS2 does not connect. Strangely the JS2 works to select the options but does not seem to connect. Tried to write in an old note without connecting and that did not work as expected. Writing with the finger is possible however. Tried the JS2 in Inkredible and in Zoomnotes without issues. So this problem is definitely Penultimate specific.
  4. Just tried using various other apps like Zoomnotes and Incredible. The Jot Script2 works fine with them. Seems the problem has happened since the update to Penultimate 6.1. Anyone else having the same issues?
  5. Having the same problem as SMPK. Tried reinstalling but still won't connect. Any other workarounds?
  6. I am having a problem connecting to Penultimate with the Jot script 2. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app; however after recognising the Jot Script2 it disconnects the stylus and then you can't connect again. Did anyone find a solution to this issue?
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