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  1. Fundamentally, Evernote is a note-taking app. That is, it's for writing stuff down quickly and ensuring this tedious process is as enjoyable as possible. I feel the note taking experience is what set Evernote apart in the beginning, but over time, it has now been pushed to the back and forgotten. To be frank, the experience of writing notes in Evernote is generations behind other note-taking apps. Bear and Ulysses are two great examples of an experience of note taking that is enjoyable and intuitive. A big reason for this is that they allow for preset text styling using H1, H2, H3, etc.
  2. Two Issues #1 When trying to choose what notebook to clip the note into, the scroll is extremely sensitive. It's almost impossible for me to choose the notebook I want because it always scrolls past it. I am on a new Macbook Pro 15" using Chrome - all software is updated and the newest version. #2 I like to highlight articles that I clip in 'Article View' and then save it as 'Simplified Article View'. The issue is that the highlighted parts do not transfer over when you change the views. It'd be great if it could do that. I don't like highlighting in simplified view because it's
  3. Hi, I'd like to use Fira Sans Light as the default text used in the Evernote Mac Client, however it automatically chooses regular no matter what. It'd be great to have it so you can actually choose the default font weight, not just the font type. It may be a bug since it says it is 'light' although it's definitely using regular. Cheers.
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