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  1. Thank you guys, as @JMichaelTX said, my post is rather for a feature request. Of course, I will use your suggestions, but I think will be better to have such option, instead of depending on specific sorting (and hence limited the sorting options in the notebook) or by adding some characters to the title (i.e !) to indicate importance. Both ways will work, but the one with sorting will limit me to sort as I want in some cases and the second one, will make note titles looks a bit strange. I wanted to submit my idea, just in case where Evernote Team thinks is a good feature for their backlog
  2. Hi, I will describe my scenario of how I use my Evernote in some cases: I am watching a course, and I am creating a notebook for that course that will include notes per chapter and sub-section of chapter etc. I also have a "Course Index" note that includes links to the other notes of the course but in a specific order (the one the course was delivered by the instructor) some information about the course etc. Wouldn't be great idea if we were able to make the "Course Index" sticky note so even If I update the other notes, the index note will always be on the top? Kind Regards, Rafael
  3. Hey folks, I Searched the app to find the two-step verification but if I am right there is only SMS-based verification. Why you don't create two different methods? One that will use the Google's Authenticator API for charge-free two step verification and one with SMS? Kind Regards
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