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  1. Hi, Running the latest Evernote application build on Mac 10.7.5 (Lion), and I've run into a bug that all but breaks the experience. As I type, everything works fine. However, when I click back in any earlier part of the note, it selected the remainder of the note with the first keystroke, and then deletes the highlight on the second keystroke. For a visual, If I typed: "This is a note in Evernote." and then clicked in front of the letter 'a' and typed something: "This is (n)a note in Evernote." then the application automatically selects the rest of the phrase: "This is (n)a note in Evernote." and then with the next keystroke, it deletes the highlighted segment: "This is n(o)" With this ^ as the final result. This bug was not present in the build prior to this one, and I'm unsure what may have caused it. Can you look into correcting this error, or provide me with a temporary solution so I don't have to utilize the online app to edit my documents? Thanks, Daniel
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