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  1. I'm still talking with support to bring attention to this issue. Please support by reaching out and asking for RTL-support, once again.
  2. Hello. Imagin you want to write a note and suddenly, the text is acting weird all of the sudden: A word ends up at the end of the sentence, the rest of the sentence after that word. After a couple of that incident, your input is rendered unreadable. So. This is how the middle eastern, are experiencing @EverNote right now. Being one of those middle eastern, I find it unbearable to use Evernote. There already have been topics on this matter, and they have been ignored. I would love it if Evernote team reconsiders this important and vital feature. Thank you.
  3. You're welcome. We should be vocal about the matter. They should stop ignoring us.
  4. So here is a Medium essay I wrote on the matter How Evernote is solving The Middle East’s conflict
  5. Somehow I'm not relieved about the "If" part.
  6. I recieved this message Not yet satisfied. I would change my rating as soon as they fix the problem.
  7. They just blow the last punch. The only place it worked just fine, is now ruined.
  8. I asked about it on twitter. Will do the same in facebook.I will also open tickets now and then. And I rated one star and told the reason. Ignoring is not the best strategy to take with your clients, EVERNOTE!
  9. Hey, I'm becoming so disappointed. Are you guys dropping support of RTL language altogether? Please tell us so we can move on!
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