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  1. Oh, you mean the tiny dark gray triangle on the black background? I did not even see it until you pointed it out. And yes, problem solved. Thank you very much.
  2. That's right. My issue is with displaying the Shortcuts list (and even being able to select it). As I said, no problem with my phone or with Evernote on the web. But here's a screen shot from the Mac app.
  3. Only Shortcuts. I literally cannot select it. The others work fine.
  4. Shortcuts have stopped working in the last couple of updates to the Evernote Mac app. They work fine on my phone and on the web. What's up? Thanks Dan Kennedy
  5. @csihilling, I'd be happy with one archive notebook, but they each have multiple stacks within them, which means I can't combine them all into one. Is that right? I find Evernote to be somewhat mystifying.
  6. Hah! I've been using zzz. But I was hoping for something better than that. Thank you.
  7. I recently finished with a few major projects involving notebooks with multiple stacks, and I would like to know how I can archive them without deleting them. I don't want them to be visible to me unless I decide to dig them out again. Thank you!
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