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  1. Switch off Bluetooth in settings. switch off you ipad start your ipad switch on Bluetooth open penultimate app and then connect your Jot Script this sequence of actions will reset the Bluetooth settings for your app and enable you to reconnect your jot script
  2. First impressions, it looks good, tested some of the features and they are working as expected. Jot Script 2 pen working much better now (connects first time!). Thanks for the update...
  3. Is a release imminent that fixes the issue that causes the writing to turn into an unreadable squiggle happening soon? I have to exit out of the note and re-enter the document every 10 minutes or so ... And the calls / meetings won't stop for my app problem :-)
  4. I contacted Evernote support this morning and got a fix for the JS2 connection. 1. Close Penultimate App. 2. Turn OFF Bluetooth on IPad. 3. Power off iPad. 4. Power on iPad. 5. Turn ON Bluetooth. 6. Open Penultimate and JS2 connects. The cycling of the iPad with Bluetooth off clears "stale" connections, it worked first time for me. Evernote (John) thank you.
  5. I downloaded the update yesterday and like the new look and features that you have added. My major issue is that I cannot now connect my Adonit Jot Script 2 to my iPad Air using the app Stylus Settings option (either in the settings or on the writing page) ... it just states "Connecting" and does nothing else. I cannot write on the app now and it was fine in the minutes before the update of the app (I use the app and pen daily to record meeting notes). I have looked online and followed all the suggestions; 1. Charge the Jot Script 2 2. Reset the iPad 3. Delete and reload the app Is anyone else experiencing this issue ? ~Si
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