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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, i am familiar with that company. However, given the power of Evernote i think it would wonderful if it could do the same. 2 reasons: a) i think my subscription fees would be of much more value if some AI were included. b) i'd like to minimize the number of apps i use because each app drains a bit of resources and battery from my phone. Therefore i'm always on the look out for ways to have "essential" or "core" apps do more. best, sm
  2. Hi, I'd like to suggest that EN be able to extract itinerary information from notes and create reminders automatically based on time and/or location from them. As it is, Gmail has this feature but it only works on air travel and hotels. There are some Android apps out there that do this too, such as App in the Air. However, other details such as airport transfers, train tickets, tour confirmations, spa confirmations, (and the like) are not captured. I have recently downgraded back to Basic because i dont find much value to justify the expense. I think if EN could do the above, it would be worth subscribing again. thanks, steve
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