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  1. Hi P.J., - Auto-save to contacts is enabled - There is 1 mail account (MS-Exchange) and the default contacts is set to this account - Am signed in to Evernote account - Am signed into LinkedIn 1. Scan a business card with an address. The address data is not prefixed by "address" or any other identifier on the card. Neither are the person's name, company & title. 2. Tap on the business card image to see the details. 3. A message pops up to indicate the card has been automatically added to the Contacts. 4. Open the contact on the phone and the address details which were showing in the Scannable app are not present. I have 2 example images I can send you if needed.
  2. I am using Scannable v1.21 (741). I can't use the Evernote app business card scanning because I can't then get the data from there into my contacts. Thanks for the suggestion - I have cross-posted the problem to the URL you suggest.
  3. The business card enhancement is good. However the business card scanner is not saving the address field data, even though it is correctly identifying this data in the post-scan summary. Also, if I am logged into LinkedIn a LinkedIn URL is displayed in the summary but this is not save in the contact. I am using Scannable 1.21 (741) on an iPhone 5s running iOS 8.4. Any ideas why this is happening?
  4. When I scan a business card into Scannable it correctly identifies the address field & displays it in Scannable. However when I save to my iPhone 5s contacts the address field is not there. I am logged into LinkedIn during the scan and the scan also produces a LinkedIn URL but that is also missing when the contact is saved. The address field is missing in the final saved contact regardless if I am logged into LinkedIn or not. Any ideas why this is happening?
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