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  1. Thank you. I do not mean to say Evernote is not worth the money. I am not using it enough to move forward with buying it yet. I was however trying a feature that was also on a couple of other services, so I could see how it worked in comparison. I just cannot try out that feature to see if I want to buy it. I do not doubt Evernote is wonderful. Just have not figured it out enough yet.
  2. I used my assigned email for sending notes to Evernote. I have had Evernote for years, but seldom actually depend its use. I come upon things that stop me, and I move to another service. Recently I have been trying to use again. For the first time I sent an emailed note using the assigned email they give when the account is opened, but the email bounced back to me saying that I have used the limit today and have to sign up for premium. REALLY EVERNOTE! PS: I am NOT complaining about premium charges at all, I am unhappy that, after never using the email but this once, Evernote said my limit had been met today, and I would have to wait until tomorrow. If it had only indicated that this was a premium feature.
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