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  1. @gazumped Let's not heat up this discussion - "denying" was provocative wording, sure, but I think I never ordered EN to do anything. Certainly, I did not mean to do so or imply EN has to do something.

    I'm making the case for links to notebooks but that doesn't mean EN needs to react on this. Of course and undeniably, there is a lot of work involved and all users are grateful what the EN team does. But I think those two points are a given for any feature request post. But, you are certainly right: the EN team doesn't get enough credit in such forums.

    But thanks to your post I had an idea: couldn't one "abuse" a notebook-sharing link for using the link internally? :)


  2. 6 minutes ago, gazumped said:

    I don't know whether there are any technical issues with creating a shortcut to notebooks,  but the practical concerns would be along the same lines as adding eye color to George Washington on Mt Rushmore.  A small amount of effort and very limited skills required for the actual job,  but the preparation work and the access could be a monster,  and the actual benefit (for Evernote) once it's done?....

    hm, I do not see the point as

    1. such link already exist in two forms: 1. shortcut/favourite bar link (for all i know this might be just a saved search which would be even more useful!) and 2. shared notebooks

    2. I don't see how this will be a bigger monster than sharing(!!!) notebooks and notes - I actually only want to share the notebook with myself...

    3. it would benefit users... If sharing notebooks with people makes sense, why "denying" this option to "single users" who want to use such links internally?


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  3. I'm running EN (305173) prerelease on Win10 and when I plug in a bigger screen into my laptop, EN seems to change the window size but strangely only the previous window size area works (the rest is white/blank). I need to manually push the win10 windows expand/contract buttons (those on the right top corner of every windows window, next to the close window button).

    Small bug, please fix.

  4. @csihilling thanks a bunch - I'm actually ok with notebooks and stacks (I'm adding some hierachy by naming the notebooks) - and sooner or later I'll also figure out on how to integrate EN notebooks into other apps.

    Frankly, the only thing that "annoys" me a bit is that EN has the ability of those links - as you can put the notebook in favourites and it jumps right to the notebook - but no way to utilize it outside the favourite bar;) 

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  5. On 17.7.2017 at 2:00 AM, csihilling said:

    One issue to consider with your scenario would be that if you are changing notebooks often you might end up with dead links in your notes, should EN ever add notebook links.  Not the worst thing in the world for sure, but could be an annoyance..

    Yeah, some of what we do here on the forums is to present workarounds for functionality not in EN, whether it may ever be added or not.  Some times it helps and some times not so much.  Anyway, an alternative would be to use autotext to kick off a more specific PE phrase.  The phrase above could be changed to the below and be triggered whenever jnqui<space> is keyed (jump notebook quick, an arbitrary standard just created).  PE removes the jnqui from wherever it is typed and transfer to the Quick notebook ensues.  

    {#CTRL {#ALT -chars f}}{#alt {#SHIFT -chars n}}{#sleep 3}{#NONE -chars quick}{#sleep 3}{#ENTER}

    Replace Quick with whatever other notebook name and give it its own text hot key.  Not saying this a particularly elegant solution, but it will do the job pending if you don't mind type 5 or 6 characters to jump to a notebook.  FWIW.

    the notebooks per se are not changing but the notebooks I am working with are changing. I do have a stack for "active project" notebooks, which is useful but refering/jumping to those notebooks (ideally also out of other applications/documents with a weblink) would be super in creating workflows and cross-references. E.g. one could jump from a to-do-app item to the EN notebook with one click. Of course, this works with a note already but the task is not necessarily related to an individual note etc. Plus, the note might be revised or deleted over time but I do keep the notebooks in an archive stack.

    I guess "the problem" is I'm using EN a bit similar to a "Windows Explorer" kind of logic. For me this is the most efficient as I put a lot of material into EN every day and tagging has the problem that I do not have an overview of different projects, etc. I actually do tag notes in the notebooks but the main problem with that is that I need to remember all the tags I used.

    There are good tagging systems out there but call me old fashioned: clicking that notebook and scrolling through works very well for me rather than going to search and search for all project notes with a tag;) I guess I am using EN very actively/dynamically and not only as an archive only sort of thing.

    But the hot key solution is definetely good for the notebooks most often used! Thanks!

  6. Hi,

    I could not find the bug thread, please move this message there.

    I'm running EN (305173) prerelease on Win10 and when I plug in a bigger screen into my laptop, EN seems to change the window size but strangely only the previous window size area works. I need to manually push the win10 windows expand/contract buttons (those on the right top corner of every windows window, next to the close window button).

    Small bug, please fix.

  7. @csihilling Thanks, this is a great tipp! I will consider this to quickly jump to my inbox, etc.but my notebooks are changing often and I would need a dynamic link. Furthermore, I'd have to create 10++ links to notebooks - and I would have to remember the keyboard shortcut for each and have to maintain the links -> very troublesome in my scenario. My scenario is actually exactly the opposite of yours as I have a lot of notebooks (one day I start tagging!) and want to use the links to 'navigate' more efficiently (e.g. out of a 'active projects overview' note).

  8. the things is that jumping to a TOC master note would probably be sufficient if not the best for me. But at the moment - afaik - the (automatically generated) TOC notes do not update themselves automatically (for a reason!).

    I'm working on different projects and "dump" every day notes into the project notebooks. Therefore a TOC is almost always outdated and in order to keep it updated, I'd have to generate a new TOC note which renders the "link to the TOC master note" useless and I would have to update that link with the new TOC note -> impractical. Hence the request to link the notebook per se as that link wouldn't change.

    it is actually "funny" as Evernote can link to a notebook through the shortcut function. If one could link to a shortcut, the problem would be solved...

    But technically, an automatically updating TOC note would also be a great feature solving this - I'd love to have this anyway to get a quick overview and access to the note in the notebook.

  9. I have notebooks for certain projects and want to jump/link/refer to those notebooks. E.g. in a "active projects" note/list.

    The idea with the ToC is good and I thought about that before and that would be super IF the ToC would be dynamic or at least easy to update. But in the current setting, the ToC is outdateed as soon as I add a new note to the notebook.

    I was also thinking about using tags and saved search. I do this for certain things such but for this particular task, I'd have to tag all notes for the project (which would be ok) but then I also could not add a saved-search-link into a note. Or?

  10. Hi,

    I know I can share notebooks but for some reason I cannot get a internal link to a notebook which I could use in notes to jump to a specific notebook. If I work with the "share notebook" link, it opens the browser and opens the notebook there.

    Doesn't have Evernote the option to link a notebook internally analog to links to notes which can be public (http://...) or internal (evernote://view/...)?

    Did anybody figure this out? Would be SUPER helpful! THANKS!!

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