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  1. On 27.4.2018 at 12:51 AM, jefito said:

    OK, fair enough; it's just that every so often I run across some poster who writes with disdain about just storing recipes in Evernote, and I think, hey, storing recipes is actually a pretty good illustration of why tags are so important in Evernote. Think of the way that you'd describe a recipe: origin/style ("Chinese", "Italian", "New American", whatever), main ingredient ("Chicken", "Breadfruit",...), course ("Breakfast", "Dessert", ...), method ("Grill", "Fry", ...) and so on. There are myriad potential categories playing against other, and these are all well represented using tags, and I'd guess that would be pretty complex if that was your main enterprise, and so also a candidate for linking improvements.

    There's nothing wrong with using notebooks to organize in Evernote, but I figured out early on that tags just felt better for me, and so I've never even come close to the limit. The problem I have  with notebooks is that a note can go into only one at a time, whereas notes can have multiple tags. So prefer tags, and don't use notebooks unless I need to. Regardless, whether you organize using notebooks or tags or both, you still need to search in some fashion or another (selecting a notebook or a tag from a list, or by typing); they're really pretty equivalent: categories are categories. Certainly agree that needing to copy/paste a query of some kind into search could be made easier.

    Let's put it this way: one of the reasons why EN is so popular is that different people can work with it differently and the way they feel is best for them. And that's awesome!

    For me it's folders with a little bit of tagging - like a few categories, etc. But tagging as basic organization just doesn't work for me because 1. meticulous tagging (mentally) disturbs my very busy work flow and 2. if I tag by broad categories I might remember the categories but won't find specific stuff and if I tag by specific tags, I cannot remember the tags when I need them (and have to spend time searching for them) - or worse: forget that tag/project exists! We are all not getting younger (*joke bait*) and I try to organize EN the way that it is easy and fast for me to find and dump stuff.

    I'm actually continouesly refining the way I work with EN - e.g. more heavily integrating linking, which I find highly effective in my work flows. And also more tagging.

    Combining linking and tagging would be ideal as this helps to make more complex relations and "break out of the notebook logic" - or as simple as finding stuff in an archive with one click from an overview note.

    But for me, the thing I do not understand is why I can bookmark a folder or a tag and with one click get the notes from that folder/tag but EN does not allow links to notebooks/tags - which is the same thing. If creating those links is technically problematic: fine! But these links are already existent but EN simply does not allow users to use them. I personally think that is a shame as this is a lost opportunity to help people work more efficiently and therefore to make the product better.

  2. 1 hour ago, Don Dz said:

    That's an odd assessment considering that tables is an old feature that used to work and now doesn't, this appears to be the bulk of most complains anyway (that which worked should still work regardless of new buggy features).

    In my subjective perception, those "fancy" tables with colors, etc. are a "new" feature "recently" introduced. Objectively you could call it an old feature as it has been around for 12(?)+ months or so.

    I am using tables for different things but I find myself always thinking "shouldn't I use Excel for this and then copy&paste?" - but then it's a pain to re-format that Excel table and it is effectively the same trouble.

    IMHO the new tables could be a great great feature - especially when working on different plattforms. For the moment, I do not want to be ungrateful, as the new tables are an improvement when e.g. working on a small iPhone.

    Complaining about formating, etc. issues on tables here seems greedy. I do have a lot of normal notes which are a format mess - e.g. showing in 3 or 4 different font sizes and styles within the note depending on which device you look at the note, formats change when going to next line, etc. -> let's hope those fundamental things gets fixed first before dreaming of having sexy tables... :lol:

  3. 4 hours ago, Don Dz said:

    I am really late to the discussion about tables, since I don't create them on a regular basis, but I do have a good number that I refer to and edit from time to time.  After editing several, I discovered that they lost the ability to automatically fit the note window, in both Windows and iOS (the ones that I do not edit still retain the previous behavior).

    The truncated appearance of previous created tables is very inconvenient, is there a way to restore the automatic behavior, besides going back to version 6.5?

    If I am misunderstanding tables and it is not an automatic behavior, then why did they fit fine before and now they do not?  Whatever the issue really is, I am not a happy camper with the current behavior.

    good point and something I did quite like about the tables. I actually went "wow" when I saw it the first time.

    My personal feeling is that development/fixing tables stopped in favor of something else (emoji?:lol:). Working with tables feels still somewhat experimental and everything but intuitive - and there always seems to be some weird format stuff happening like one can mark multiple cells one color but can only "un-color" individual cells, some formats get stuck, etc.

    To be frank, I don't even feel it makes sense to report those bugs because it seems obvious to me that "tables in EN" is a unfinished project. I don't see EN would give this much attention considering how long it takes to fix basic EN functionality LOL

  4. 19 hours ago, Liam Gretton said:

    I see a similar problem, but without the delay when going back to the note body. Almost immediately after the cursor gets to the body, it jumps back to the title, whether I've started typing ot not.

    I also have a weirdly jumping cursor.

    If I open a note, I'm in the note body but if I put the cursor in the title line, it sometimes jumps back into the note body.

    If I use tab to jump from title to tag, the cursor also sometimes jumps to the note body.

    While working within the Note body, I have the cursor disappearing often. Say you click in a line and by the time your hand moves from mouse to keyboard the cursor disappears and one has to do it again OR

    you type something in the note body and the cursor just disappears.

    Dunno if this is just me but I have this on 2 different computers. I cannot 100% confirm whether this is in Beta 2 only or also in Beta 1.

    Something very weird going on. Maybe I have broken mouse or touchpad but I didn't experience similar issues in other apps. How can this even happening?!?

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  5. 18 hours ago, jefito said:

    Not sure what the attempted snark about cooking recipes is,  or what relevance the 250 notebook limit is, but yes, in Evernote, tags are certainly a powerful way of linking notes together. There's nothing necessary about using them, though. I find them useful; in fact, that was a big part of the the initial appeal of Evernote to me, once I figured out how tags worked, but you can use other mechanisms.

    uh, I didn't mean to offend anybody who "just" stores cooking recipes in EN. My apologies. If it helps: I myself store a ton of recipes in EN... I just try to say that if you try to store / work with more complex issues in EN, linking etc is (potentially) more necessary - if not essential.

    I use EN for private and business and have a lot of projects AND mainly organize with notebooks. In such a scenario, you hit the 250 notebooks after a while and need to re-organize somehow. E.g. by putting old stuff in an archive folder and using tags. But if you just have tagged projects and not created an elaborate structure with "overview" note(s) etc., the only way to get to the project info is to search for the project tag. But connecting the tag, project and e.g. persons involved feels "unnatural": saving the tag in plain text and c&p into search...

    18 hours ago, jefito said:

    :huh: "For guys"? Really? "It's 2018!", right?

    Sorry again, for me "guys" - used as colloquial term - does include ALL genders. I'm not a native speaker and - living far away - are somehow not that influenced by the current North-American gender discussion. I did not mean to exclude or offend anybody.

    Well, and then it is 2018 and EN is 10(?) years old. For me personally and the way I use EN, tag links (or search links) would be very useful and I (not being an engineer) don't see a particular good reason why such a shortcut cannot be available - after 10 years.

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  6. +1

    Old thread but is there anything new (good workaround)?

    I really want to have links to tags as I am archiving projects and need a practical archive overview (amongst other uses). Copy & pasting the tag name into search seems so unnecessary (it's 2018!) and reading this post here, I sort of wonder whether EN employees sometimes using EN for their work LOL

    The linking of notes is a key feature if you store more than your cooking recipes in EN, - especially with the annoying 250 notebooks limitation - it is necessary to work with tags.

    And having said that: for guys who (only) work with tags and only a handful of notebooks, links to tags seem an actually absolutely essential feature.

  7. one question for the experienced with this:

    I actually tried to combine the business card note with a normal note in order to have a "super" note of that person. BUT, EN says I do loose the ability to edit the business card note in a warning when trying to merge. Hm.

    I would prefer to keep the business card notes as they are in the hope that in some future update/upgrade EN improves this feature and there is something magical I can do with those painfully imported contacts...

    BUT, at the same time, I want to find a practical way to add a link into the business card note so I can jump back to the note I came from. At the moment, I have a good system allowing me to jump (via internal links) from person (the "notes" note of that person as @gazumped recommended) to project to details and back. But if I go to the business card, I'm at a dead end and have to manually find my way back to the notes note of that person.

    Doesn't feel right. Feels more like someone at EN had a good idea once and got shut down half way through it...:huh:

  8. Hi,

    if I share a Youtube video from the Youtube app via share -> more -> Evernote, it always creates a note with the title "https://www.youtube.com/watch?" and the note has a big empty space on top (where, I assume should be the picture of the video). See below.

    Any chance this gets fixed? Workaround?

    It's also very hard to manually edit the note to make it look useful without completely destroying the format.


  9. 10 hours ago, s2sailor said:

    IIRC the Evernote scan function does not allow it to be saved to a pdf, just to an image ... or at least I haven't found the setting to change it.  Scannable does have a selectable option so I tend to use it for pdfs and use the Evernote scan feature for photos.  Scannable is still working fine for me on iOS11.  Maybe delete and reinstall to see if that helps.

    Yes, 100% correct - that’s how and why I use Scannable. I also mainly use Scannable for individual pages scans into PDFs and for multiple pages Genius Scan+. 

    But now you mention it, it‘s almost surprising the EN app doesn’t offer to save as pdf -> another thing to feature request haha 

    Will see if a reinstall helps... 

  10. Genius Scan+ works very well for documents for me on iOS - I love the option to choose the pdf size/quality especially if you scan multiple documents and the export to EN is fast. No business card option though.

    Scanbot seems to be one of popular ones but I love the efficiency of the Genius Scan(+) work flow.

  11. Is the app still under active development? There wasn't a update for almost 1.5 years. At least on iOS.

    The business card scanning feature went into the EN app already and for the scanning of documents there is a bunch of other apps out there which offer more features. I wonder whether it makes sense to stick with Scannable.

    For some reason I always thought Scannable is the best option to use with EN but the app is so slow now and especially syncing with EN takes forever... Doesn't feel it works well with iOS11.

  12. @TK0047: good point(s)! I actually forgot about the LinkedIn issues. 

    It would be superb to have everything of that person in one place - IMHO this is how this feature is or at least should be designed. 

    If I’m not wrong, at the moment one can’t even add a link to their LinkedIn profile...

    I don’t even want to dream about some sort of automatic sync with MS exchange or Gmail contacts, etc but these contact notes are even more important / valuable for EN business where maybe contacts are passed on to a new manager, etc. - isn’t EN promoting itself to be a knowledge storage for teams? And then one can’t store contact info properly...? Hm. 

    Just saying ;)

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  13. Hi,

    I used the Scannable app to get business cards into Evernote and e.g. add links to the person in my notes. So far so good and the LinkedIn feature is neat.

    But - and I think this should be the whole point of this feature - when I go into a meeting with that person, I want to either add my meeting notes into that persons business card note or at least create a link to the meeting note. But this is not possible.

    I also maybe want to add a few more links to his/her projects or just add a few pictures or whatever is related to that person.

    But currently, I can only type text into that business card note. WHY? To just store business cards there is better apps out there.

    I don't want to say that the feature is kind a pointless if one cannot work with(in) the note but it seems much better to just make a normal note and add the business card, etc as scan/pic/pdf.

    Is there any chance this feature will be developed further or is this just something that EN has not got around to remove yet? :huh:

  14. 16 hours ago, EdH said:

    Has been around since at least 6.10. It is getting better, but blank note syndrome still persists in current betas. 

    Cheers for the feedback.

    I actually think the namecard notes could be a great feature collecting all info about guys you work with, etc. but it feels so undeveloped. Most people have contact info in, say, MS Outlook / Exchange or Google or some business card manager app thingy. Nevertheless, it would be great to have one place to store meeting notes, etc. pp. But to me it feels like there is some connectivity/Value added missing to make this feature work "properly". Besides that it is not even working properly...

    Emoji team? :ph34r:

  15. 6.12 is worse again for me. My EN keeps freezing regularly now.

    There is also something weird going on with formating - especially in lists and tables, where some formats just seem to get stuck. E.g. after adding a internal note link, the text sometimes stays underlined green even though choosing blank and not-underlined; even in front of the link. In tables, e.g. once text is highlighted, it has to be un-highlighted one cell at a time. If you mark text which includes underlined and non-underlined text and click the underline button, the underlined text becomes non-underlined and vv. - very fun to play with (the first time!) but a pain if you want to work.

    And another comment regarding emoji: EN's way to handle the note "signature" picture is a pain and it would be so great to have Right click on image >> Set as thumbnail image. Wouldn't that be something productive to implement if time is available and not emoji? Wouldn't that be a REAL help in formating notes? I doubt this feature is that difficult to implement but has huge effect on day-to-day working efficiency.

  16. I have an issue that drives me crazy: I have a bullet list which has the font size 11. But every new bullet point (pushing enter after finishing one point), the font size changes to 10!

    I tried to mark everything and chose font size 11 but for some weird reason, the first character of the new list item seems to have font size 10. "Sometimes" it shows font size 10 after pushing enter and when typing it changes to font size 11. But for the next bullet point it goes back to 10...

    Does anybody else see this?


    EDIT: each bullet point added via iPhone app is also font size 10, which is really annoying.

  17. 2 hours ago, keisoko said:

    However, when trying to display PDFs, all I see is a line on top of a note body and no PDF itself is displayed. This line appears when "Always show PDF document as attachment" is not checked in Tools-->Options-->Note-->Note View Options. When the option is checked, it will display an attachment icon. The line only appears when viewing the note in the main window. When I open a note in its own window, the PDF is displayed normally.

    I can also confirm this!

    ...and we poor fools thought PDF handlung was bad before and couldn't get worse... LOL

    HELP!!!  :blink:

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