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  1. 14 minutes ago, Eldorado said:

    @Maddhin: This confused me often in the past - but knowing about this leads me to work around by extracting the file, changing its content outside, renaming and re-importing it instead of placing a bug report ;-). Now (after having seen that at least one other user is upset about this, I've placed a neutral bug report (not specific to 6.13 GA):

    Hope they'll care for this like they should do in official support channels...

    Re "neutral bug report" (first I thought you refer to my passive-aggressive and occasionally sarkastic way of posting here LOL):

    It seems to have become common practice to re-post the "ongoing" bugs in every new release thread here in order to "refresh attention at EN's side" as it is "commonly believed" that EN does not track bugs (efficiently or effectively).

    I guess it would be helpful if somebody here starts to make and maintain a bug list so people do not have to re-report. But that poor soul would have to spent a fortune on sedatives and coffee at the same time to keep that list up-to-date. Maybe that's why nobody wants to do it on EN side neither...? ?

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  2. Bug report:

    if you copy and paste a word/excel document WITHIN a note (not between notes, so copy a file in the note and paste same file in the same note), both files seem to be connected or are the same file. If one changes the file or renames it, the change is mirrored in both files.

    I remember I lost a few original files not knowing the changes are "mirrored" so it is not a new problem but I haven't seen it reported here.

    IMHO EN should not paste a file with same as already existing file name in one note but add "-copy" the same way e.g. Windows Explorer does it. IMHO another example of something I would consider "basic functionality" but which is not working. 

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  3. 12 hours ago, gazumped said:

    Hmmn.  I updated without any issues,  but since that time my web clipper has been balky - on one page I got the 'reload web page to clip' pop-up - several times after I reloaded each time (I was trying to clip a PDF file);  and on other pages since,  while the initial choices menu comes up,  clicking Save doesn't appear to work...  and then a couple of minutes later it does.  Very odd.  I'll restart my system in a while and see if it's just the heat or the time of day...

    Edit:  Aaaaand....  everything seems back to normal after restarting the browser.  Odd,  though...

    I can confirm this (FF60)

  4. Guinea pig #131978 to home:

    6.13.14 is very unstable on my system. Often takes 30% of my CPU load and does what...?!? Sometimes it recovers after a few min but usually I kill the process after 10 or so min because I need to work... 

    The other thing is that the display is dodgy: xls or doc file-placeholders are a ugly unclear pixel thing now and I cannot do e.g. those separation lines anymore: they seem to be generated but one cannot see them... - A restart helped with those problems. So the first problem fixed the second one... "How convenient..." ?

    As confirmed by others, the cursor is still at large...

    Guinea pig #131978 out.

  5. On 6/27/2018 at 12:34 AM, motz said:

    You might want to consider Joplin - it is still a subset of Evernote, but does much more than Simplenote and is improving quickly. See the list of features at  https://joplin.cozic.net/

    actually just checked Joplin out and it looks like an open source "Evernote clone" (with .enex import etc). Still early but the basics seem to work well - very interesting! Looks like they are squashing bugs like the guys on Starship Troopers (1997), too!

    Saves a lot of money and I know where my data goes/is. If they have a few more bells and whistles working (like now the webclipper) that looks like a viable alternative. For guys using primarily plain text notes, this seems an alternative today already.  

    And - wait for it - emoji are also working!!! In title AND body! ?

  6. on a number of notes - I think usually coming from webclipper - the line spacing seems to be not changing even after running "remove formats" and "change to pure text" (literally translating options from German...). Is this a bug or a general shortcoming of EN? To me, this looks like, the "remove formats" option is not working properly and leaving behind certain types of formating.

    Any way to fix this except for pasting the note content in something like MS Word, fixing it and re-paste in EN?

    Compared to syncing issues this is unimportant but it is still kind an annoying having those wild spaces and no way to remove it.

  7. a small but annoying bug:

    the shortcut ctrl+alt+L (to create a note link) doesn't seem to work (anymore) if the note is maximized / in its own window. If the shortcut is used while being in a maximised note window, it still copies the link to the (different) note that is highlighted in the (different) normal view window...

  8. 9 hours ago, Don Dz said:

    If you absentmindedly press the delete key again, of course the table will be deleted.

    I cannot remember whether it was a picture or pdf (I don't think it was a table) but I also accidentially erased parts of notes in the past due to such EN behavior.

    The jumping cursor is really dangerous especially if you have pdfs or pictures in the note as - thanks to the new pdf viewer - going through such a not can be quite confusing as it is too easy to just scroll the pdf instead of the note, etc. If the pdfs don't really look different, it's easy to catch a wrong one or one wouldn't even realize a file is erased if cursor jumps in wrong moment.

    Will pay close attention next time it happens and report details.

    But sometimes it is just as simple as wanting to add an empty line: I had cases, I needed 3 tries to make a empty line because the cursor lost focus while my hand was moving from mouse to enter button...

    As somebody said before: it would be funny if it weren't so sad.

  9. 2 hours ago, Don Dz said:

    Could you guys release some kind of help guide documentation for using those tools ourselves more intelligently, so we don't have to guess as to what we are doing with them, or whether they are indicated for certain problems?  That would be extremely helpful for all of us, I think.

    +1, especially because of

    3 hours ago, dconnet said:

    however you will lose any local edits.


    Seems to be buttons to be used with caution.

    It's great to see Ctrl + Help - a lot of useful maintenance functions there - like erase unused tags, etc. ?

  10. 1 hour ago, gustavgi said:

    We are talking about the new GA here since it doesn't have a thread yet.. And I wonder why...

    ...so the innocent guys who installed the GA looking for support (and usually not following this thread) have nowhere to go... Another thing that is just not OK.

    ⚰️?(<- nail!)

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  11. Recap: copy PDFs

    Compared to the sync issues this is a small problem but it is still highly annoying in the normal work flow: is there any way EN can implement a button or anything that allows to copy and/or drag&drag PDF files that are NOT in "attachment mode"? It is ridiculous to always do "show pdf as attachment", copy the file and then unmark "show as attachement" again.

    I know we have been discussing various workarounds here (most efficient: export to folder on desktop) but IMHO anybody who is actually actively using EN will work with PDFs. I'm actually surprised EN employees are actually bearing / tolerating this internally when working with PDFs. Or what software are they using?!? I guess they can tolerate because EN is paying for their time...

  12. If I would be American, I'd ask whether there are any lawyers in the thread and what has to happen to constitute „damage through gross negligence"... ? I bet were pretty darn close... 

    But joking aside: it's beyond disappointment to see EN ruining the product without any need to. Suicide. 

    Do we need to start asking for money back so someone starts paying attention? 

  13. I deactivated all "security" related add-ons (no-script, privacy badger, https everywhere, ublock origin, firefox "first party isolation" pilot) and after FF restart, I could login to webclipper and it continues to work even after switching all add-ons on again.

    I'm not entirely sure what the conclusion to this is but it works again now.

    PS: I also added https://evernote.com to the exceptions in FF-options-cookies. (BUT this didn't seem to have any effect even after restarting FF)

    If somebody understands what happened: please share!

  14. I'm sorry, I really do not want to stir up the old discussion here but considering the hefty sync and data loss issues Beta 3 had for some users, is it really a good idea to let this go out in the wild just yet?

    Luckily, I "only" encountered the tag loss issues "and the occasional note data loss" but if one asks me, these bugs are so fundamental that EN should triple test making sure all of those bugs are fixed before releasing. ESPECIALLY as those buys are not necessarily found immediately and might only surface once somebody wants to find a not with a certain tag or open a note trying to get those notes he made a months ago which now are gone...

    All that looks a bit like a suicide mission to me. Elon Musk found his saboteur, I guess EN needs to find its, too.

  15. 27 minutes ago, Don Dz said:

    The small fortune might the worth it the first time, but each upgrade is nearly as expensive.  I have an earlier version which I like, but the upgrades I find prohibitively expensive and they are usually just incremental.

    I actually did not mean to advertise Mind Manager as I, too, find the pricing unreasonable for any consumer. I never understood how they can stay in business. I guess all those consulting companies buy in bulk to reduce tax? :)

    But I actually didn't know MM had this neat EN integration. Thanks for the thread!:) But I would also be happy to have a open source/free/cheaper alternative.

  16. I stumbled across this thread and got curious: Mind Manager 2018 actually has EN quite nicely integrated: you can add EN links to the map items and if you use the external links, the notes are opened in the MM2018 integrated browser right next to the map. If you use the internal links, you jump into the note in EN desktop.

    Looks like you get something useful and productive - if willing to invest a small fortune...

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  17. There is also something odd going on when copy & pasting of an image into a note (e.g. from browser). Larger images (say 1MB) sometimes load extremely slow, reveiling the picture creepingly slow from top to bottom. It can take minutes until the pic is properly shown and imported. And sometimes it fails leaving the picture partially visible.

    If one changes to another note in the process EN usually crashes or the picture will simply not be imported.

    Of course, the whole c&p process itself is a pain as EN often manages to loose focus / cursor jump and it sometimes takes 2-3 tries to do a simple ctrl+v to be successful...

    Productivity tool? ?⚰️

  18. On 5/11/2018 at 6:49 PM, jefito said:

    I did say that it was a Windows hotkey (" a system wide shortcut that is always available in all contexts"), not an Evernote thingie. And, for me at least, and in 6.12 and the latest 6.13, it works as described. Bring up a note, ensure the note body has focus (click in it), press Win+;, and select your favorite emoji(s) there, and they're inserted into the text. They don't work in the title area, however, where they really might be useful...

    Just checked with Beta 6.13 and the emoji are working also in the title - well they are there in their b/w ugliness as the emojis are not shown properly in EN (or Win10?) - but if you check the note in e.g. iOS, the emoji is shown correctly.

    Was it worth to "break what feels like 10 core features" to get emoji? I doubt it but hey, we do not want to be ungrateful! THIS feature could be a fun pastime (because efficiency is SO boring!) and is ALMOST working correctly - a state other core features have not reached again!!! *sarcasm off* ?

  19. 15 hours ago, eafpres said:

    Previously I reported the behavior of 6.12 beta 2 crashing (just disappearing), and in one instance crashing with a memory error reported.  A new behavior has presented today--crashing but remaining in background, such that you cannot restart the application from the taskbar.  My workaround is to use Task Manager to remove it from background, then I can restart it normally.  Just reporting for the benefit of the developers.

    I have see the crashing in this version as well but I had this also with the previous 1-2 versions. I posted about my issues restarting EN.

    But 6.12. Beta 2 is definetely less stable than the versions before. I also have EN freezing for 5-20 sec on a regular basis...

  20. 7 hours ago, Austin G said:

    Exactly, @Don DzThis is the designed behavior of the title field.  

    that doesn't make any sense - at very least for clipped notes or notes in general which ALREADY do have a title. For new notes for the sole purpose of assigning a title, this is debatable but still should be optional.

    So the designed behavior is that I have to remember which notes have a manually and which have a automatically assigned title? And for the automatically assigned ones I need to go into the title, do some FAKE CHANGES and THEN I may add a comment on to top of the note without messing up the title? :wacko:

    Hm, this sounds more like a mocking than efficiency tool to me... In which scenario does this behavior any good? You want to tell me that there are people out there who prefer making a new line in the note body to change the title instead of going directly in the title field (markup guys?)? How does that compare to the millions of people using webclipper or have notes generated through sharing from e.g. iOS apps?

    If you don't want to call it a bug, it's worse: terrible design!

    Quick and simple solution: make it optional and everybody is happy!

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  21. 1 hour ago, Don Dz said:

    I could be wrong, but that is the expected behavior, as far as I know, unless I missed what you are trying to explain.  Only by directly editing the title after creating the note, is that behavior stopped. 

    It's expected behavior if you make a new note (where the cursor usually goes into the body) but this happens with existing (e.g  clipped) notes...

    It doesn't happen with all notes but it seems more likely to happen with "freshly clipped ones". 

    Extremely annoying, especially as there is a delay of a few seconds (at least on my system) and the title is lost/overwritten and has to be manually changed (and remembered!) again. 

  22. 5 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    Evernote does not have a folder element.  
    Evernote maintains two metadata elements, Notebooks and Tags; attributes assigned to a note.
    These are elements are maintained in a database, which provides cross-referencing with a note.

    We can also create adhoc keywords, inserted anywhere in a note's contents; for example keyword:aaaaaaa
    The search feature can be used to access notes by these keywords.

    Fair enough, I did use the wrong terminology - I actually meant notebook when I said folder (can you tell I’m a windows guy? LOL)

    But whether I called it folder or notebook, I do believe the message was clear. 

    Interesting that keyword feature - shall we ask for links for that one, too? Hehe  

    Although I personally do not see the significant value over tags or standard search - unless you can jump right to the point in the note or similar. Will study... 

  23. Hi,

    I was wondering if there is an option / trick / workaround to have one or more notebooks not being download on the PC and therefore can be archives for notes that are not being used and literally filed.

    I saw the option to automatically "unload" notes older than x days but that is not helpful to me because some projects go 5 years while other only 30 days and I want to manually file them. 

    I also want the notes to be removed from the laptop/PC in order to free space.


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