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  1. Hi,

    I tried a million times and switched all other extensions off and white-listed EN in Firefox, but I keep getting the message that the EN extension cannot save the cookie / FF is not accepting 3rd party cookies.

    Does anybody have anidea how to get this done? Can somebody actually confirm the EN extension is working with FF 68.0.1!?

    This is really frustrating as I have to c&p into Edge(!) to do the clipping now...

    Thank you so much for any help!


    PS/EDIT: actually, FF seems to save EN cookies as my credentials are saved when I log in in the extension. But the extension doesn't "unlock" / login with the mentioned message that FF doesn't allow 3rd party cookies...

  2. Has somebody the webclipper working under Firefox 68 and Win10?

    I tried "everything" but Evernote doesn't seem to be able to save the cookie or whatever it tries to do.

    So frustrating! I remember this "cookie thing" is an ongoing annoyance with EN but this time there doesn't seem to be a fix, or?

  3. 3 hours ago, ej8899 said:

    6.13.14 bug - sorry, unable to test on a newer version right now - so perhaps someone else can double check it... but spotted this bug with a business card scan - an internal link to a note didn't resolve into 'friendly view' - a clickable note title - only get the full URL.  Pasting it into a regular note and I had the expected behavior of note title hyperlinked to the note within EN.

    Apologies if this is fixed in this current version - can't test for a few days until I get back to my other laptop, but thought I'd point it out just in case.

    AFAIK this never worked - I hate this as I use a lot of internal links to jump through projects and every time I come to a business card, I get stuck as for some irrational reason there cannot be any links in the notes section.

    There is a thread about this and smart people recommended me to make dedicated "proper" notes for people to store - well - notes. That is what I do and I just add a link to the business card and only get stuck when I do need the business card picture and/or contact details (which are usually managed through MS exchange so I do not use that much). (EDIT: no, you cannot link the business card note with the notes note... I usually write "see notes" in the business card note to remind myself that there is another note with more info/notes available)

    IMHO this is terrible design especially in a business setting as the whole work flow comes to a halt when reaching a contact and one has to manually go back to the project note. It is even more terrible design for EN business accounts I would imagine - especially as editing these contacts only works properly through iOS (and Android I guess) apps. There is also no way to replace a business card picture. So if your contact gets promoted or changes company, you will have to make a completely new contact note. Depending on how heavily you use internal linking this could be a huge pain...

    Could be an awesome feature but at the moment it is just good to store a business card picture in a slightly more pretty way than just adding a picture to a note...

  4. On 8/5/2018 at 3:18 PM, Mike. said:

    How I Use Evernote to Effortlessly Run My Business

    1. I run a company, with a team of 5 people not including me. Evernote and Slack are the heart of my business. Everything goes in Evernote. Paper Work Orders are filled out and signed by customer electronically using a Surface Pro 4. Uploaded to Evernote on client's file. We document all interactions with clients, meetings, training material, training curriculum and course material for the interns, the list goes on and on.
    2. Integration with IFTTT is fantastic. I make my employees use Slack for our team communication. We discuss customers, projects, etc. Anytime a customer Work Order is added to a certain tag, IFTTT posts in the Slack channel. Everyone knows everything that's going on. I run a tight ship. Evernote is a huge part of making my well oiled machine work.

    Hi @Mike.,

    this is almost off-topic but I would be actually quite interested how you have set up this Evernote - Slack - IFTTT - filing system in detail. It sounds like a system I would love to have.

    EN is sometimes posting some best practice cases through blogs and I would love to read more about how you connected these systems, notebook structure, etc so it works smooth. I think this could be helpful for a lot of people (who doesn't want to have a well oiled machine!).

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  5. Even in attachment-mode, I cannot copy & paste PDFs in Beta 3 (right mouse button –> copy). It seems like it is just ignoring the copy command for PDFs…

    Drag and drop is also not working.

    If I remember this bug appeared in some beta before. If I remember correctly, in beta 1 and 2 it was working.

    What I do is to write text in front and after the pdf and copy all of that. Then it works…

  6. On 7/26/2018 at 11:11 AM, ej8899 said:

    Found a PDF file that the layout of the PDF file gets corrupted when viewing it.  I know there was a lot of prior discussions about PDF - so perhaps this was already addressed.

    * I see that it does this in web viewer too - running Chromium on Linux Mint 19.

    I can save the PDF and it displays correctly in Foxit PDF viewer.

    I see this corruption in basically all my pdf files since 14 Beta 1. Typically, the layout is messed up and backgrounds turn black.

    I'm working with A LOT of pdfs - very distracting bug and I am almost tempted to ask whether such an obvious bug could have been found on EN side prior to release? But let's not go there?

  7. Our beloved PDF viewer does not seem to support Unicode or at least Chinese characters. When I add a file with Chinese file name (admittedly rare event for me but there is a bunch of Chinese round...), I only get a lot of numbers and letters:


  8. On 7/26/2018 at 12:35 PM, Don Dz said:

    Sometimes when working with notes that contain links, particularly if they are bulleted, pasted text that is not a link will turn green.  It won't inherit any other attribute (bold, underline, previous link info, etc), just the green color.  This bug was present in 6.13 GA.

    Also with bulleted lines, if I delete an entire line, the cursor will often jump to the beginning of the previous line (a behavior very similar to my previously reported title cursor bug).

    I can absolutely confirm this - and the bug has been there a while.

  9. 6 hours ago, ej8899 said:

    I have no idea what you test this "notebooks" feature on for a machine.. but on my i7, 16gb ram, 1tb SSD, it is still so slow it's an unusable feature for the most part.  Evernote goes "unresponsive" for several seconds waiting for the list to update.

    On my older i7, 8GB, SSD it takes 20+ seconds to load the notebooks feature. EN is unresponsive during that time. Not useable yet...

  10. guys, thank you so much for the tips here, this really helped me. It didn't solve the problem per se but it helped working with EN's limitations - and possibilities as I haven't really worked with the tag browser much so far. I will have to see how things work on a day-to-day basis.

    Filterize is actually interesting - the only things is really that one has to rely on this 3rd party tool...

    +1 on better search language for tags.

  11. 10 minutes ago, Eldorado said:

    This is possible only in interactive mode: If You click on "country", EN expands the search phrase to "any: tag:country tag:usa" a.s.o. ?
    EN should "know" that "country" is a parent tag so that tag:country implies "any: tag:<all-subs>".

    As a workaround You may

    • display search information (Ctrl-F10)
    • click on the parent tag
    • Rclick within the search information window
      • and select "Save Search..."
    • Give Your saved search a suitable name and pin it to Your shortcuts


    Cheers, @Eldorado! That is a valuable tipp and already helps me! Although the "tag browser" is usually not part of my workflow - I primarily work with "master notes" w/ links and notebooks and was looking for an option to e.g. show all notes related to a parent tag etc. by shift+tag clicking - just to find that this really only shows notes tagged with that tag...

  12. Hi,

    I nest tags in logical hierarchies but recently found out that I can still only search for the specific tag. But what I want is to search for the parent tag and then get presented all notes which include this tag as well as tags which are nested underneath that parent tag.

    For example: I have a tag "country" as parent tag and "USA", "Spain", "France" as sub-tags. I now tag a few notes with USA, Spain or France but not with "Country". If I now search for tag:country, I want to find all notes which has "country" or ANY of the 3 sub-tags "USA", "Spain", "France".

    Possible? Workaround?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  13. 8 hours ago, eric99 said:

    Then just configure the note options as follows: "Set new note focus to title"

    Now, when creating a new note, you can immediately fill in your title without EN interfering later on...

    I am aware of this option but as Gustavgi already pointed out, this is solution is basically not related to the problem of already existing titles/notes being changed. 

    It is actually a good feature that EN puts the cursor into the body and adds the first line as title for new notes as this shaves off a few seconds and therefore makes note taking a bit more efficient. But all this efficiency is lost when one has to "repair" titles because EN changes titles "arbitrarily" (as user usually doesn't remember/know whether it's an automatic title or not - while it's also unclear to me what exactly defines an "automatic title" as it seems that e.g. not all clipped notes seem to be considered automatic and if title is changed in clipper, it seems sticky? Complicated!).

    I personally and in my setting and workflow just see no good reason - except to new/blank titles - why the first line should change the title. And if so, EN's behavior should be predictable - either always change or never but the "sticky/non-sticky title" design solution is in this form not practical and should at least have an option to switch it off :)

  14. 1 hour ago, Don Dz said:

    If you have ever changed the title directly in the past, Evernote remembers and will not modify it again unless you delete it, that maybe why you are noticing inconsistent behaviors.

    Try it, delete the title, then click on the body or click another note, the title should automatically revert to the first line after a second or so. 

    Then modify the first line of the body, followed by clicking on the title or another note, it should automatically change to what you wrote on the first line (there will be a delay for the title to change if you don't do one of those two actions after editing the first line). 

    Now try changing the title only, and go back to the body.  The title should remain.

    Thanks I really appreciate the effort but

    1. do not want to have to test each note whether the title is sticky or not - it’s not efficient (or logical!)

    2. I just don’t want to have my first line messing with the title in general :) I know that maybe people who use markdown or have a certain note „setup“ like to have the title and first line identical and edit title from the body but for me a title should be title and a body body :)  I do not like to have dublicate info (title and first line), as this doesn’t give me added value:) 

  15. 1 hour ago, Don Dz said:

    It has been discussed before, it is by design, not a bug.  The title is the first line, until you change the title directly, then the title sticks.

    The title is the first line?

    Well, the thing is: it’s not working that way! At least not on my machines. I’m clipping a ton of notes and in say 1 out of 10 cases EN changes the title. In old notes its about 2-3 out of 10 notes where this happens.
    If it is a feature it's almost worse: it's not working and needs fixing..! So I guess in this case I should be happy the feature is buggy...
    But in any case: I do not understand why EN  insists to change EXISTING titles. In a lot of cases my automatic title is the title/headline and the text is in the body - so I sometimes have to go back to the original website, etc to retrieve the title - and wasting my time. 
    There is just no logic to it - why would I write something new in the first line when I want to change an existing title? And how do I know whether the title is sticky or not? And how - if the title is the first line - can I have this behavior constantly, always, permanently or vv.?  - Something missing here.
  16. This has been discussed before but there is still no fix:

    If one changes the first line in an existing note, EN tends to take that first line and automatically changes the note title to the text in that first line.

    It's highly frustrating because there is also some lag and often I work so fast that I do not see the change and find it only later because there are all of sudden a couple of notes with the same title (as I often paste a link to the main note as first line in a note).

    Can this behavior be stopped? It is fine for notes without title (e.g. new notes) but EN should not be allowed to change already existing titles!!!

  17. 5 hours ago, Don Dz said:

    At random times (mostly when navigating to another note, usually via a link), the Editing toolbar just disappears, then it may reappear when going to another note, though it reappears more reliably by going back to the previous note before it disappeared.

    Yes, I see this behavior as well. It kind a reappears again at some point after "clicking a few times in the note".

    Very similar: the "label this picture" option for pictures is also disappearing and often very slowly becoming available for newly posted pictures.

    Both bugs are small but nevertheless highly annoying as they disturb the workflow and distract.

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