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  1. Since there was no reply I found a workaround - using Workflow app for iOS and I built a script to get it.
  2. I need to agree with colleagues above. Forced separation doesn't help, it takes long time to switch between views, fact it needs to "close and open" the app is not elegant. If it would work in tabs then ok - I could live with that. I am new to Business (ECC account), but previous view was better and easier IMHO. I confirm, that issue with pasting pictures, it really is an issue and it's annoying.
  3. I was advised to post an idea for new feature here. I am a heavy iOS user - would be great if web clipper for iOS could clip simplified articles. Right now when I read on my iPad and want to save for later I can only save the whole website, which sometimes is very messy if I could get simplified text...that would be AWESOME. Evernote is AWESOME! Possible?
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