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  1. PinkElephant, Permissions may have been the issue. Remarkably when I upgraded to Catalina, EN Web Clipper was installed on Safari and worked fine, but I believe it doesn't store anything locally. When I trashed the installed version of EN and downloaded a fresh copy from App Store the permissions would have been handled behind the scenes.
  2. Thanks for responding. I solved my problem. I had the app store version so I just moved the app to the Trash and re-downloaded it from the App Store. It started and connected to the database with no problem. I had quit the app before I upgraded the OS, so I'm not certain why the existing version wouldn't open. But I'll file that with all the other unresolved mysteries of daily life.
  3. I upgraded to Catalina yesterday, and the Evernote app will not open. I click the dock icon, the icon bounces for a while and then stops. Activity Monitor shows Evernote used 0.01 CPU seconds, and there is no current activity. Click and hold the dock icon. The popup menu says "Application not responding" and offers a Force Quit option. I've tried twice from the dock, and went to the app store and did an Open from there with the same result. I have EN version 7.13 installed, which I believe is the latest version. All other apps are working correctly, except for mSecure, which has exactly the same problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am using the web version for now.
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