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  1. Devonthink versus EagleFiler: I'd like to endorse ScottLougheed's discussion. I am a very heavy user of EagleFiler for my academic life, but I am considering switching to Devonthink Pro. The discussion betweeen JM and SL about their relative merits fits my experience. EagleFiler is more straightforward, very robust, very very fast in searching. But DT has some sophisticated features that EF does not attempt, including the "AI" aspects. Another thing missing from EF, that I happen to need, is the ability to work inside of PDF documents. In EagleFiler, the smallest unit of analysis is an entire document, while Devonthink (I hope) has the ability to do quite a bit of highlighting, excerpting, cross-referencing, and extracting portions of a large PDF. Neither is particularly good at using across multiple computers or people. But in other respects, both are way beyond Evernote for organizing and searching multiple large documents. EF for sure, and I gather DT, have very responsive developers. Here is the discussion that I am reacting to: EF looks interesting and certainly shares some similarities with DT (Just as Evernote does). However, as far as I can tell there is none of the Artificial Intelligence in EF that DT has, which has become critical to my workflow. While EF is a bit less expensive and includes PDFPen OCR, PDFPen has routinely performed with less accuracy than ABBYY OCR that is included with DEVONThink Pro Office, which I use. EF looks like a great alternative for some people who aren't in need of some of the more complexity-inducing features in DEVONThink. Unfortunately I need those complexity-inducing features. Ah, and upon closer inspection, it looks as though EF doesn't support "Indexing" (the term DEVONThink uses for referencing files in place in the original file system). My DEVONThink Pro Office content are a mix of imported and indexed items. Not having the option to "index" files in place is a deal breaker for me.
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