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  1. In general, I find Evernote tables to be poorly implemented. I would much prefer that they leave the simple tables alone as they are easy to use for a basic table that a user might need. Going forward for a proper solution, they should add embedded Google Doc spreadsheets in a scrollable frame inside a note for advanced table use This is a far better solution then having the Evernote team waste their time to re-invent spreadsheet features for their existing tables. I am only a web user, and I have been frustrated by poor table/spreadsheet support, so I've been working on a Greasemonk
  2. Thanks Illustrious. It's good to know that it's just a client side scan THAT WILL NOT BE DONE if it's disabled. Then my searches in Google are not sent to your servers (via the API).
  3. The more serious issue here is that my Evernote content is stored on the server, so in order to retrieve relevant Evernote notes, the google search is hi-jacked and sent to Evernote's servers for a lookup too. So Evernote gets to collect ALL my search queries. If I opt-out of the displaying them, does that also mean the search is never sent to their servers anymore? How do we know, and how can we be re-assured? It's so very NOT nice of them to suddenly opt-me-in to sending my Google searches to their servers.
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