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  1. Excellent! Chris92103 You are a genius! This worked for me too and I've tried everything over a period of months. I'm so delighted its fixed. Thanks!!!
  2. Did you obtain a resolution for this error? I've received the same error and reached out to Evernote and have been unable to resolve the problem. Has anyone else seen this issue and found a resolution? Thanks! I have had this problem for a few weeks - decided to wait until upgrading to Windows 10 to see if it resolved the issue but it didn't. I am considering uninstalling Internet Explorer completely (I use Firefox) to see if this helps, but after that I'm at a complete loss. Am pretty fed up as I have just upgraded to EN Premium and can't use it the way I want to which is primarily as a way of prioritising tasks / emails with the Outlook add-in. I'm surprised at the lack of support for this error as it seems to be cropping up quite a bit.
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