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  1. I bought the Adonit Jot Script pen "Evernote Edition" based on the Evernote review of the pen. To say that the pen performs poorly in Penultimate is an understatement. Once I bought the pen, I then had to search for a product that worked well with it since Penultimate was unusable with the pen. The product I chose was Zoom Notes - as a note taking tool, it works better with the Adonit pen than any of the others I tested. Sadly, the interoperability between Zoom Notes and Evernote is basic at best - I can "save" Zoom Notes documents by uploading them to EN, but there is no way to update a document that's been uploaded. I've learned to work around this limitation because the note taking functionality is so good.
  2. I bought the Adonit Jot Script solely because it was "endorsed" by Evernote and Penultimate. The ironic thing is that the pen works better in all other apps I've tried than it does in Penultimate. I settled on Zoom Notes, which has been the best performer by far with this pen. Unfortunately, it doesn't work well with EN - it can upload to EN (as pdf files), but it can't download from EN. OK for backing up static files, I suppose, but terrible if I want to keep things in synch and still be able to edit the files. Another ironic thing - the limitations of this pen in Penultimate have made me use Evernote less than I used to.
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