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  1. Hi fellow Evernoters! I am pretty new here so please forgive any silly questions I am using my holy apple trinity: Macbook, Iphone and Ipad with Safari as browser. I am an avid internet user. For web articles I use apps such as Pinterest, for planning and organizing our busy family I use Cozi and I hope to start using EN for other organizing. I have several online magazines, I use Newsstand, Zinio and just signed up for a trial of Next Issue. The main 3 reasons to go for online magazines were: 1. paperless 2. better organized 3. not having to browse to magazines because dexterity issues due to MS I still love to read my magazines on my Ipad because of the 3rd reason. However I still print out recipes to put them in my recipe binder, so still not paperless and still not really as organized. I expected to have options, apps, to clip articles or recipes from a magazine and than archive them in folders on my Macbook or Ipad. However I have been waiting and hoping now for a couple of years and I still haven't find any solution. Recently I signed up with Evernote and a few of their side kicks, e.g. Food and the Clipper. Could you please give me some tips? Thanks and have a wonderful day! Just to add, I live in Canada, I know some apps are not "here" yet.
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