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  1. I can not imagine why this feature would be removed! If you live and breath the Mac OS environment you certainly understand how crucial the window tabs feature is to a productive workflow, so much so that Apple must find it IMPORTANT, and keeps it in all their updated releases of MacOS. Please do more careful research before removing features that many people depend on for their daily workflows. If the reason for removal is product awareness, or in this case product "unawareness" as was stated in a previous comment, then perhaps better marketing materials and videos are in order to help new customers understand all the features. I will give this some time before I decide to part ways from this product as a premium customer, but I should hope your development and marketing team will have better communication before making such drastic changes. Evernote has taken a step backwards in my opinion. I use to shout from the rooftop of how great this software was, but hopefully this is just a minor oversight and all things will be righted very soon.
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