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  1. Hi again, "Supreme Ruler of Awesome" (Ha! I love that, by the way!) The Chrome version I am using is Version 51.0.2704.106. Chromebook is the only computer I use, so I apologize that I can't really say if that happens on other computers and other browsers. I can answer that yes, it happens with every notebook. Just tried Tip #4 again and I still can't type anything into the Overview/Title field.
  2. I am having the same problem. I tried all the instructions, tips and suggestions that I read in various forums, but none of them seem to apply to the web client version that I use on my Chromebook. The following is a list of the tips I tried, with the results: Tip #1. The 1st one I read said that it's supposed to be an option from the drop down list when you highlight the notebook. The Result: When I tried this, the only options in the green highlighted space were “share”, “add shortcut” or “delete”. Tip #2. The 2nd one said that you should be able to right-click a notebook name and choose "rename". The Result: No “rename” choice appeared. Tip #3. The 3rd one I found was on the Evernote Help Page > Organize with Notebooks < which instructed as follows: Web Select 'Notebooks' from the side menu Select the notebook you want to rename from the notebook list Rename the notebook Select the info ('i') at the top of the screen Rename the notebook The Result: I didn’t understand number 3 in this one. It tells you to “rename the notebook” but it doesn’t tell you how. Then it goes onto steps 4 & 5. Is step #3 supposed to be a sub-heading for next two steps rather than a step in itself? I’m confused! Tip #4. The 4th one I read was a more detailed description of how to do steps 4 & 5 in the above set of instructions. It said that if the right click or other context menu options are N/A for you, the workaround is: open the notebook, click on the "i" button (info) --> see Overview > Title field, type into it to rename, press enter. The Result: Clicking on the Overview/Title field did nothing to enable me to type into it. The only thing I've been able to do as a workaround is to create a new notebook, copy/paste everything from the one I was wanting to rename into this new one, and then delete the old. Is there another way? Am I missing something? Tip #1 Tip #2 Tip #4
  3. In response to Panzerkampfwagen, "Request Third Party App developers to remember that millions of EN users work offline" - I'm not sure why Third Party App developers, when making a web app for web clients (such as for those of us on Chromebooks), should need to keep offline users in mind. Why, when there are so many offline app developers who don't keep online users in mind?
  4. Just for clarification - - I don't think the people here are "complaining" about images being too large, per se, but rather about having no ability to Resize an Image (to make it Smaller - or even Larger if you like) so as to fit nicely in a specified area of their publication.
  5. No F9 on Chromebooks - but I know where the equivalent "Refresh" key is and will press that from the time to time. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Thank you to you both for your input. I am on a Chromebook, and sometimes I access Evernote through the Chrome Store app that I have pinned to the bottom shelf and sometimes through my bookmarked https://www.evernote.com. Does that help? Also, I'm not quite certain how to do a manual sync on a Chromebook. Would it be possible to walk me through the steps on that? Thanks so much!
  7. I have recently begun using Card Desk with Evernote on my Chromebook. Sometimes, however, I'll make a minor change to one of my notes in Evernote but the changes aren't reflected in Card Desk. Instead I get this message: "The page at www.carddesk.net says: An Error Occurred:500. Please try logging out and logging back in to CardDesk". But when I try logging out and back in again, the spinning wheel with the words "Checking For Changes In Evernote" seems to spin endlessly as though it has gotten stuck there. I've tried refreshing the page and even restarting my computer, only to come back and find the wheel still spinning and checking. However, after leaving it alone anywhere from a few hours to a whole day, it does seem to self-correct (in that the wheel stops spinning and checking) but more often than not, my changes are not reflected. Someone suggested that it might be a third party data limitation that is causing the error, but the changes I make in Evernote when it happens have all been very small, and sometimes it has just been a matter of rearranging an image to go from one part of the note to another. I tried contacting Card Desk support, but they don't have any idea why this happening either. Would anyone happen to know why this happening and how (or if) if it can be corrected? Thanks so much!
  8. I think I may have goofed. Is this thread just for Windows and MAC users of Evernote? (I'm a bit embarrassed that I'm the only one chiming in from a Chrome OS perspective.) Please feel free to chastise and/or throw me out of this thread now. I'll try not to cry - - too much!
  9. What OS does this tip work with? I'm on a Chromebook, and I don't see anything that says "Annotate this note".
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