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  1. In response to Panzerkampfwagen, "Request Third Party App developers to remember that millions of EN users work offline" - I'm not sure why Third Party App developers, when making a web app for web clients (such as for those of us on Chromebooks), should need to keep offline users in mind. Why, when there are so many offline app developers who don't keep online users in mind?
  2. Just for clarification - - I don't think the people here are "complaining" about images being too large, per se, but rather about having no ability to Resize an Image (to make it Smaller - or even Larger if you like) so as to fit nicely in a specified area of their publication.
  3. I think I may have goofed. Is this thread just for Windows and MAC users of Evernote? (I'm a bit embarrassed that I'm the only one chiming in from a Chrome OS perspective.) Please feel free to chastise and/or throw me out of this thread now. I'll try not to cry - - too much!
  4. What OS does this tip work with? I'm on a Chromebook, and I don't see anything that says "Annotate this note".
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