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  1. Crash when clicking Menu item "Jump To Tag...". SEE: PLEASE FIX IT.
  2. Ok, we can delete notes in Trash by using Filter, but it is still manual. I wish Evernote can make the the Retention Policy for Trash. It would be more convenient. Thanks guys.
  3. Thanks DTLow, but I don’t want to empty the Trash. I only want to remove notes in Trash which is older than 30days.
  4. Hi, I want to do some clean up for my old notes (My notes are taking a lot of spaces). Because we don't have the "auto-remove feature for Trash" and we cannot search notes in Trash, I have to delete my notes manually in Trash, which wastes a lot of time. For Apple Notes, notes are searchable even in Trash, and notes in Trash will be auto-removed after 30days, and will be completely removed from iCloud from the next 40days. It is very convenient, we don't have to search for notes in Trash to delete manually (for e.g. look for notes in Trash which is older than 30days). I hope Evernote can implement some features to easier remove old notes to save spaces.
  5. Hi, Evernote macOS app does not expose a “Menu item” for “Search within current notebook, so you cannot create your custom shortcut for it.
  6. I know this, when I’m inside Evernote app. What I want is different, for e.g. In iPhone, I want to share a web page to specific notebook.
  7. Hi, I want a new shortcut, like "shift+cmd+F" to search within the current notebook, instead of choosing from a Search drop-down list, which is slower than shortcut. Thanks,
  8. Hi, Whenever I tried to navigate to a notebook which I want to share, There is no "search panel" for me to navigate, instead I have scroll through all notebooks to pick. This feature has been done nicely in Apple Notes, it saves me a lot of time.
  9. I think I found the hack for you. When you're in edit mode, use the shortcut to go back to the note's title, then "shift+Tab" to go back Note list.
  10. One weird thing is that "Untagging a note" does not count as an update. I've just accidentally untag a note, now I don't know how to search it
  11. Hi, while waiting for this new feature. '"Converting to PDF " is still handy. However, it is not an option in iOS i believe. Please make it in iOS also.
  12. I created note with large attchments which are couple of scanned picture in my iPhone. Then when i try to open it in my ipad. It hangs pretty bad, around 2mins.
  13. I created a table in the note. I can view the content of the table in iPad but the content goes mangled when displaying in the small screen as iPhone. Is there anyway to fix this?
  14. Hi, It is the Preview for the content of the note. Please see Pasted Graphic.tiff
  15. Hi, MacOs allows developer to implement Preview for their application so that you can preview it in Finder or Spotlight.
  16. I understand that, but if I have to choose between the feasibility and security. Using Touch ID is my prefer. Evernote can make it optional. whether to use Touch ID or not like Apple Notes. It does not force you to use Touch ID for notes. If I were to remember a bunch of passwords, I rather not
  17. Hi, Apple Notes has already done this and it's elegant. We need the same thing for Evernote. Thanks,
  18. Look liked it is fixed now, maybe from the Evernote API server, not the extension.
  19. It happens to me also. Mac Sierra 10.12.2(16C67) | Safari 10.0.2(12602. | Evernote Web Clipper 6.10.1
  20. I think at this point, an Evernote app is better choice
  21. @DTLow, I had tried this but it is not very useful. There is a huge delay time for the trigger happens. For a reminder, it should be as quick as possible.
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