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  1. Hello Evernote Team, I just wanted to thank you for actually fixing the resolution issue: now image files viewed fullscreen are drawn at their full native resolution. This is really helpful for my work where I need to look at detailed screenshots from applications. The UX suggestion I made of making the top bar fade away on tap isn't done yet, but maybe that will come. Just wanted to pass along my appreciation that Evernote is moving in a good direction for me. Kind Regards, --James
  2. Hi, I use Evernote on Android but had been using it on iOS before that for a long time. I love the product. I am writing to describe a frustrating issue with the image viewer that seems specific to the android version of Evernote. Specifically, if I look at a note in "note view" and pinch zoom into a photo, I get the full resolution of that JPEG or PNG. However, the note view is cluttered and not the best place to view an image. If I press the image, it opens the image viewer. In this view, if I pinch zoom in, the resolution of all images (regardless of format) is much reduced. I would guess about 2-4x less resolution and I see the linear interpolation artefacts very clearly. If you are able to show the full res in the main note view, why not in the view dedicated to images? A second, unrelated comment about the image viewer on Android. When you open it, I think you should fade out the top bar with the back, share, etc and only display it with a tap like most of the image apps. This would free up more real estate and be better for presenting an image. I hope these two comments make sense and that you would fix them at an appropriate time, especially the first one. Kind Regards, --James
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