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  1. I was able to upload a short 51 second video of what is happening to me when I try to click and drag. evernote_movenotebook.mp4
  2. Click and drag does not work for me. I can drag it to another stack just above it but it won't scroll. And then when I try to drag into the stack where I want it it reverts back to the main list instead. The problem is worse in the new version. For me. I guess I am alone on this. On to Plan B. Thank you anyway. BTW, I also tried dragging a note into another note to create a new stack. Then I tried dragging the note into the stack I want and it reverts back to the main list.
  3. I have stacks that are already created with other notebooks in them. I am unable to create a new notebook *in* a stack. Nor can I move a notebook into a stack. I have tried both the current version and apparently the beta version for Windows and they both have the same problem. Where has all the usability gone in Evernote? I am very disappointed. This is something that shouldn't be a problem at the stage of development Evernote *was* at before it got "improved".
  4. Usability has gone out the window with Evernote. The newest versions are terrible.
  5. Well, I found it. It's a tiny, little icon that looks appropriately like a notebook with the words "USERIDnotebook" in the upper-left area of the note. And it is still easier to move a note in the web client. However, it now takes 3 clicks and a lot of scrolling. And you can't collapse any of the notebooks in the Find a notebook list. But maybe that's not a good idea unless you have a lot of notebooks.
  6. In the classic view, I was able to *easily* click and drag a specific note from any notebook to another Notebook in the web client. That seems to be missing from the current version. There is a feature in mobile that involves multiple touches to do the same thing that was once so simple in the web client. Does anyone have a solution? Maybe @jefito will come to the rescue again?
  7. And now I remember why I completely dislike the current version. But that's a topic for another discussion.
  8. Let's send them over to a solution (in the comments) that fixed the disappearing notes problem for me. Thanks, @jefito!
  9. Fantastic! That fixed the problem. Hopefully, Katsuya will see this and also be able to switch to the current version.
  10. Windows 10 on Windows laptop. I thought it might be a browser issue but it happens in two different ones. At first I also thought it might be a network problem (our network) but then I saw another community member with the same issue and decided to add my own topic about the problem. As posted in the other discussion (see below) it may be that I am currently using the classic view and need to know how to change it to the view that will work. Thanks!
  11. I have no option to view anything but the classic version. How do I switch to whatever version works? It is possible that in the past I preferred the classic to the new UI. If that will fix the problem then I appreciate any information you can provide.
  12. This seems to be a problem with the online version on desktop/laptops. Mobile seems to be okay. Someone with a paid account needs to report this bug. Is *anyone* from the Evernote staff listening here?
  13. Someone with a paid account must submit this problem. It affects you, too!
  14. I am having this problem, too! It is definitely a problem and I can't submit a ticket for it. Can someone who has a paid account *please* tell them about this problem? I am on Windows 10 and using a laptop. Scrolling makes my list disappear but search still works. I have a video but this ridiculous site won't let me upload it and it's only 43 seconds long.
  15. I am unable to attach anything to a note when using IE11. I had to switch to Chrome. OS: Windows 7 Not everyone was forced to upgrade to Windows 10 and Edge.
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