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  1. Hah, I'm able to paste if I right-click and Paste. However CTRL-V does not work. Wonder if it has anything to do with my settings. As I had the option before to paste without formatting. I don't see this option anymore. Anyways, I can cope with Right-Click and Paste for some time..
  2. I have no problem with D&D though. Both pictures and other files.
  3. I cannot copy a picture and paste it into a note. I can drag and drop, no problem. And when I have done a screenclip to clipboard, I have no problem pasting it into other applications, however to Evernote does not work. I can see the note updating, however nothing appears.
  4. Only me who have problem with pasting clips into a note? Doing screen clip to a new note is not a problem. The function I tend to use the most is copy snip to clipboard and pasting to note. I was not able to on Beta 1, and not able to on Beta 3.
  5. Ok, so it's not just me. Probably the function I use the most, copying clips to clipboard and pasting into note.
  6. Hmm, could be that it's just my Windows 7 @work. @home I have Windows 10 and it works like a charm.
  7. WIN + SHIFT + F doesn't take me to the search bar. If I'm already viewing All Notes, then it takes me directly to the search field. If I'm having another search open, I have to do the command twice, as the first time, it only takes me to All Notes without the cursor being in the search bar. I believe that this feature has been available before as it's just now that I'm getting the frustration.. Running 6.8.1 on Windows.
  8. Having problem that when selecting Bold font in a table, and there are entries with Bold font already, the text that is already Bold, unBolds itself. Is it by design or bug?
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