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  1. When will the note editor in android have at least the same functionality as the windows editor. Table editing, indenting, adding a seperator line, etc? The basic editing function is almost non functional. It is almost, functional, a simple plain text editor. In samecase, it would be easier to edit in a markup language than use the editor. (Markdown comes to mind). Suggestion: In worst case scenario, you could have three mode in the note editor. 1. View, 2. Simple/Quick/Jot down edit (existing). 3. Advance edit ( Similhar to word editor, maybe even open an word editor with note exported to it and then import the note automatically again). Why is this VERY IMPORTANT. If you can't edit your notes in with the device at hand, what is the interest of having a multidevice system, workchat, indexing, clipping, etc? I use my android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1) when I out of office (which happens alot) and need to edit my notes which I want to share with my colleagues. (A main selling point, from Evernote), but have had to hold back with this suggestion due to poor editing mode. When you can't add a row to a table, it is hard to sell or continue with this system. I have watch as new features are introduced but basic features are ignored or downgrade. Before (2 years), there were few serious alternatives, but today there are some very interesting alternatives. I'm now seriously considering in moving my note system back to one note. As long time premium user, I have to now consider if it is worth continuing with evernote, at least as premium or pro user.
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