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  1. Tagged an article using "clip to evernote" with `fnproject`. Searching for it i get an error, but i do get the result of only 2 articles , and it shows the tag in the bottom and search pane.
  2. Thanks a bunch for this. That had been bugging me for ages on at least 3 different machines.
  3. And then all of a sudden i can clip multiple emails in one go! Glad it's possible again! (outlook 2013, windows 10, evernote (277915))
  4. Indeed. The multiple emails is still an issue, but at least i get the integrated (partly working) UI interface. Button's are without text, but it saves me from forwarding each and every mail. (That's a lot better then a certain crash of outlook when pressing the evernote button)
  5. I updated to windows 10 and all of a sudden it works again! (and i think i heavily molested my installation of both outlook and evernote just to find out what's wrong).
  6. Thank you jbignert. Is there anything i/we can do to aid in the recovery of this bug?
  7. Just uninstalled evernote, rebooted, reinstalled latest evernote ( opened in outlook and it's all gone. @devs: here's what i could find. Using windows 8.1 64bit, I've opened a ticket already somehwere, but the screenshot is only here. As someone mentioned before, I am also a evernote user after learning the The Secret Weapon and use the outlook connector quite a bit. Please get it back up online! Thanks a bunch! I also have a new machine with a fresh install of office2013 and a fresh (first ever)install of the latest(same) Evernote version at work. Here
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