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  1. (On a side note: I just accidentally reported another Member because 'Report' looked like 'Reply' and is the FIRST action/button on a post.. I imagine Evernote gets quite a few accidental reportings) I'm running Windows 10 b10162 and experienced the same Blurry problem. I had to enable 'Disable DPI scaling' in order to fix the problem. You do not have to restart your system. HOWEVER, like many useful products Evernote has a child process that sticks around in order to quickly 'relaunch' Evernote when it's closed. You have to Exit that process as well in order for the changes to take affect. You can find this in Task Manager or in the Task Tray. Good luck to everyone that is having the same issues. It's unfortunate that they haven't worked on the DPI issues because Microsoft's new OneNote (Modern App) is beautiful and works correctly with DPI settings. It makes it even better with Windows 10 since Microsoft Store Apps are no longer Permanent-Fullscreen. Operating System: Windows 10 10162 Monitor Settings: Resolution: 4K 28" Widescreen 3840 x 2160 w/ 200% DPI Scaling Evernote Version: (276221) Prerelease
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