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  1. Something annoying has happened on my IOS evernote twice and I was wondering if it can be fixed! I have a list of things to do.. e.g. Type something Eat something Mow something Then I want to turn it into a checklist.. I highlight it all then click the tickable bullet point button. Then all the text disappears and I just get a single tickable bullet point in it's place. Why would anyone select text in order to delete it with a bulletpoint? Word never worked like that and Word is how we're programmed to think! I'm sure the obvious answer is 'select each one and press the button', but this is really faffy on long lists... The other obvious answer is 'create the list with bullet points to start off with', but whatever, sometimes I just dont and this is a bit annoying when it happens (frequent evernote user here!) I was on the android version until a month ago so perhaps the 'select' 'bullet point' combo is where I learned it. Anyway, once my epic list is deleted, I want to 'undo', but I can't!!! I understand you wouldn't want an undo that could unmake the work of others in collaborative things, but for a simple error like this it would really come in handy. Summary: - please allow selected text to become bulletpointed - please give us an undo button
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