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  1. I have had this same issue for 2 days. This is unacceptable for a product I rely and use every day. You guys should have announced a known problem has affected some users and that you are working on it. Many of us, like myself, are paying users. Honestly, I am tired of the poor customer support you guys display, not to mention how little you consider feature requests. I have used evernote for years now and each new release seems to drop features or GUI components that many of us rely on (like the removal of Atlas and the switch to the too-minimal new web interface). I have put up with the development of nearly useless features like work teams (who honestly uses your note app as a means of sharing info when there are so many other great work-specific documentation & research apps) and your recent price spike (which I happily paid expecting this would help to fund IMPROVEMENTS in Evernote). I am sorry to say but this is the last straw. Goodbye "bug ridden" elephant.
  2. Just received the "There’s been an extraordinary amount of activity on your Evernote account" email. I have only uploaded 4 notes with ~10 medium resolution (2MB) pictures in each. Why am I getting this? I thought I had unlimited uploads as a pro subscriber. Also, if pro is not actually “unlimited” then you should inform me of what the max allowable upload rate (not that I should have gotten flag for 80MB of pictures).
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