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  1. Hi Marcus, any news on simplified article formatting? It seems this new "responsive" format has spread through almost all Evernote Products (Mac, iOS, Windows, Windows Touch - and to some degree Evernote Web App, but there is set paragraph, albeit wider than usual). Only Evernote Clipper keeps (nowadays false) preview with default Honestly, I do not see benefit, the old set paragraph was much easier to read. Personally, I reverted to 6.0.16, just to have my thousands of articles readable. If this is intended display format for future, please inform us.
  2. Hi. Has there been any particular reason for changing the formatting of saved simplified web articles? Prior to 6.1, formatting involved reasonably wide, easy to read, column/paragraph. Evernote web clipper even still shows the preview of saved article this way. But 6.1 displays these articles using all width of window. All the way from left to right.
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