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  1. Best suggestion is to roll up your sleeves and jump in. Becomes a quick learning experience. I started using Evernote 7 years ago with Windows desktop and smart phone I eventually removed it from my phone. Currently have 30,000+ notes on my desktop Here are some suggestions frequently posted in this forum: * Start title with data code (YYMMDD) * Use a consistent title structure for majority of your notes. Example: Date-Location-Subject-Person * Work with a few broad subject notebooks Example: Work, Home, Bills, Leisure, Misc * Use specific and detailed tags, but try to keep them short * Try to use one word tags. Example: HP (not Hewlett Packard) * If tag requires multiple words are needed, join with an underscore (to avoid the quotation marks) Example: Home_Depot * Use lower case letters for all your tags (for consistency) * Learn to use the search terms. One of the most powerful is intitle: Example: intitle:"Washington DC" * When stumped, search this forum for solution. Bloody 'ell all I want to do is catalogue my sewing patterns. Maybe this is too complex for that and me
  2. I will have a look at the book. I have it at the moment on both my laptop windows 8 and my iPad. I think I will delete it from my iPad because I don't really want to get too complicated.
  3. Hi there, I am very new to the forum and Evernote. I have got it to organise my many sewing documents. It was well recommended. My problem is I am a total non starter as for as techno things go. Couple of questions first if I may. Is there a idiot proof step by step manual available to help me and in the meantime a little help would be appreciated with my first hurdle. I have figured out how to copy a webpage into my 'first notebook' but I cannot figure out how to move it to the headed notebook I have already created. Thanking everyone for ever little bit of advice you can give.
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