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  1. EN version: 7.8.2 Android ver: 6.0.1 Hi All, I recently noticed some shared links (links that are generated after selecting text) from two different apps are not working (they are not clickable) in EN on my Nexus 9 tablet. These same links are working on my Android phone. I've tried: re-starting the tablet signing out of EN syncing EN Un-installing EN Links are still not working on EN in tablet. Any knowledge, tips, ideas would be greatly appreciated. Bud
  2. Hi Gazumped, thanks for repling. You're right I should have been more specific. I was trying to find a way to print off four short stories that I wrote in EN. The EN icon that I first tapped on in WPS would show my en titles but I could not open them. Then after much unnecessary stumbling I found how to insert my en story into a new .doc on WPS. Then I could print it.
  3. I'm trying to learn how to use Evernote and WPS-Office together. I selected Evernote within the WPS app and went to open a note but all i got was a error type bubble saying "this note has no attachment to open". The same for other existing notes I have on basic Evernote. Do I need a paid version of Evernote and if so could someone please tell this newbie which one? Thank you, Bud
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