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  1. Do you gain anything by attacking other people in this thread? Free referral and advertisement by words of mouth dont come free Besides no one complains about advertisement here, but a specific type of invasive ad. In this thread I even said I was find with ads in a corner of main screen. Consider I only use Evernote for like less than a min a day for a few quick lookups, its a fair trade.
  2. Plus its not 4 times an hours like some people claim. It appears almost every time I search for something :\ Consider this is my report, because I dont believe this company treats free users complaints/reports seriously.
  3. Just installed OneNote and copied my important notes over. For the time being Evernote stays on my computer but no longer start with windows. I only need minimal functionality so either Onenote or Evernote is fine to me, but multi nag screens an hour is simply retarded. Free or not, this is not how you treat your customers. Hell, I'm even fine with an ad in the corner of Evernote main screen, but such a company should know why people LOATHE pop-up ads. @whoever telling me to upgrade to premium: nope. I will subscribe when I need a premium feature, not when a freaking nagscreen tells me to do so.
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