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  1. Dear Evernote, Mr. Tokoloko & Ms. Chirmer1 kindly informed me that the inlaying of Evernote ads within my Google Search Results is in fact not the virus / malware (which I assumed / suspected) and instead is actually a feature which you assumed I would appreciate. Thankfully they also helped in providing me the steps needed to remove this invasion of my privacy. Rather than deactivate the "Related Results" virus I instead deleted the web clipper extension all together. This stinks because I love that tool and use it frequently! Still I don't feel comfortable risking any future haphazard commingling of my private EN and public non-EN life. That is what this really comes down to. Evernote was a private place for me before but now I am not so sure. (Read on if you do not see the connection.) Still I love you guys so I know this must have been an oversight of sorts, maybe someone took theirs eyes off the product team interns for too long? Let me explain to these interns why this unsolicited Evernote encroachment into my non-Evernote life is a step (or seven steps) too far: Like many of your fervent followers, I use Evernote as a second brain of sorts.I trust Evernote with some of my most important and personal thoughts, musings and ideas. I trust and share all of these important parts of my life with EN but only under the assumption of ultimate / pure privacy. To me, real privacy means an impenetrable Chinese wall between my private universe and the public universe. There are so few places today where I can trust that my online existence will remain private (or selectively private within a network I am comfortable with).What is really startling to me (and which I now recognize was a naive assumption) is that I never once thought I would have to worry about Evernote and privacy. Heck you guys store my second brain, how could you not realize how important that privacy is to me! Now I know I sly but ultimately naive intern might say I am 10000x overreacting and they might argue that pushing my private evernote clippings into search results is totally unrelated to privacy... but I am not overreacting, and of course it is a gross invasion of my privacy.Despite whatever the labyrinth TOC (perhaps ill read them this weekend to generate some legal fodder ... someone has to take a stand on privacy somewhere!) says about what my private notes can or cannot be used for... come on Evernote this is my second brain. How can you think its okay to take my second brain, my private thoughts, and serve them up however you like... You didn't even ask me if I would like this product!But really this specific privacy violation isn't what is stirring my pot ... its the potential future violations.Once an organization crosses the privacy line there is NO turning back ... and slowly but surely we consumer are convinced to accept more and more encroachments. But I cannot accept any encroachments ... so the potential slippery slop which might tear down the private public Chinese wall is REALLY worrisome to me.This risk makes me consider leaving EN altogether rather than upgrading (and I have considered upgrading many time ... but free is free and you are offering free)And I must add that I am not a troll, definitely not. Again I think you guys are amazing! I love EN. I follow your ever move waiting to see how you might help me next in becoming organized / productive! To touch on the inevitable conversation around the need for Evernote to make money... I would very happily pay for the free service you are already giving me. Totally would. No question.I have even considered upgrading to paid in the past... not because I need additional features, but because I wanted to support you guys!But I wont be guilt-ed or shamed for complain about monetization efforts while using a free product. I didnt make it free, you did!!!Like I said I will happily pay for Evernote, but I am obviously very uncomfortable with the way you are trying to convince me to do so. (Here I am mixing my issues with the issues which other people are voicing ... the GSR virus is more of an engagement play than monetization.)If you don't want me to be a free member, please please please think of a more responsible way to tell me or better yet convince me that the paid product is a must have. With some hope but more reservation, PRIVACYDEAD 1 - I love Batman, Superman too!!!
  2. Dear Evernote, Respectively, what the heck. Why are you invading my Google Search Results!!! See attached photo. Please tell me this is a malware / virus which is inlaying Evernote ads into my Google Search Results... I love Evernote because you guys are great, so I know there is zero chance that this is actually a legit Evernote ad play.... it must be some shady virus. It just feels exactly like a virus would feel. Please direct me to the uninstall / removal steps which will allow me to shed this disgusting attempt to invade my privacy. Yours truly, PRIVACYDEAD
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