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  1. Hi Again, Let me rephrase... streamline evernote and simplify. Part of streamlining is adding templates, as right now, you have to make a note and when you go to use it as a template, you have to find the note (or click in shortcuts), copy the note, open a new note and paste... That's way too much. Using the new evernote web is a suggestion... I don't care how it ends up looking, just needs to be a more effective use of space.
  2. Stop adding more features and make what you have cleaner and simpler to use. It needs to look like Evernote Web.... Especially with OS X El Capitan, split screen takes up way too much space with notes and menu expanded... Needs to be cleaner.... Also, search should pop up with notebooks AND notes, not just one or the other... It should work kind of like spotlight in Mac. AND WHY DO WE NOT HAVE A TEMPLATE FEATURE YET?
  3. Hi! I am an avid Evernote user. While I am excited for Evernote on iOS 9, I have to agree with the poster above. There have been a ton of bugs, and those need to be fixed. Focus on adding the features users have been requesting for YEARS — like having true templates, making sharing easier (getting non-EN users to collaborate with me is like pulling teeth because they say it's not user friendly) and making tables more advanced. The ONLY thing you guys should add in iOS 9 is split screen mode. Other than that, ADD THE FEATURES WE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR... If you do that, iOS Notes (or anyone else for that matter), will never be able to touch you.
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