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  1. JMichael: I take your point. Perhaps if EV had a prominent disclaimer when it started along the lines of "this is free now but may not be in the future", I would feel less blindsided.
  2. "Why should the people who value and pay for the service subsidize those that value it, but aren't willing to pay for it????" Do you use of Gmail? You wouldn't have a problem if Google started charging for Gmail?
  3. "IMO, it means you are willing to pay a fair price for a service you find useful." I don't disagree with you. But for me, the key detail is that this started out as a free service and with that, I think there is an implicit understanding between Evernote and its users. If I were Evernote, I would feel honor bound to safeguard that understanding, even if things are "tough" financially. By all means, they are within their rights to do this, just as Google could decide to start charging for Gmail but I doubt that would be a wise decision either ethically or financially (in the long run at least). Instead of taking things away, Evernote should focus on how to offer new features that people would be happy to pay for.
  4. I think the principle should be brand loyalty. Moving email to a paid service after building up a user base on a foundation of offering this functionality for free feels coercive. I'm all for a free market and am not arguing whether Evernote should be allowed to charge for email or not. But just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.
  5. Aside from whether its reasonable or not to offer Evernote emailing as a free or paid service, to initially offer this for free but then take it away leaves a bad taste in the mouth and calls into question the values and judgement of the Evernote team. On principle alone I don't think its right, regardless of whether $25 per year for a Plus subscription is too much or too little.
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