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  1. This issue did get resolved last year, but it started again about a week or so ago - unfortunately I don't think I had done anything that fixed it, I think it was on Evernotes side but it is happening again, same laptop and same exact symptoms
  2. It happens in both cases - laptop open or closed. I don't see Evernote restarting though, I'll try to watch it as I leave my current meeting going back to my office. It has done it twice today, once after my commute (laptop closed) and then on my way to current meeting and I noticed during the walk from my office with laptop open. Thanks
  3. When I move my laptop from one connection to another, home connection to mobile hotspot to work connection etc, at work when I move from my office to a conference room on the same network but another router this happens as well.
  4. I keep getting messages anytime I move my laptop such that the internet connection changes - a popup message says: Evernote Could not add tray icon, error: An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist. I have uninstalled and re-installed the latest build on Windows 10 and this is still happening, started last week or two... Thanks
  5. That is great! I checked for updates, installed and now have only one icon - Thanks for fixing it.
  6. Still a bug and at this point for me is only with Evernote. I had the issue with iTunes but replaced the .lnk file with one from a machine where the icon was not duplicated and that worked for iTunes so for me this is only an issue with Evernote, hoping there is a fix very soon - thanks
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