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  1. Thank you for hearing us and responding here. Very appreciated.
  2. For most users, that will probably be acceptable. For me, I still won't accept a pop up that isn't contained within the program's UI. It's an unacceptable intrusion for me. I have already transferred all my notes to OneNote, so it will be a toss up on which program I like better at this point. So far, the one thing I can say I will miss about Evernote is that it gives me cute little picture icons next to my notes in list view. OneNote just displays the title, with no picture preview. I'll miss that, especially for my recipes. Other than that, it was a seamless transfer, and now I have a program where I can sync all the pictures and other large files I want for free.
  3. You leave a debate with an appeal to feelings. You can't support your arguments, therefore the whole affair is unimportant to you. As it should be. No one was ever complaining to YOU. Those of us who are still concerned will see how Evernote responds.
  4. As I've previously stated, it's not a matter of frequency for many of us. We reasonable people would ask that the nag stay off our desktop and confine itself to appearing inside the Evernote UI. Until then, here is a link to the free tool I've been using to help export my notes to OneNote for anyone else interested. Thanks to BnF for the suggestion.: http://stefanstools.sourceforge.net/Evernote2Onenote.html
  5. Evernote's nag goes outside of the program's UI to my desktop to be intrusive and disruptive to my computer's operation of other programs for the purpose of advertising to me. These are facts. These are facts that in my estimation add up to malware. The wiki page on malware supports my opinion and I'm not the only one who thinks so.
  6. I post because I think my arguments have merit and I think Evernote should take feedback seriously. I'm not the only one, obviously. My personal motives are not relevant to the discussion, however. Why do you have over 6 thousand posts to a productivity tool forum? I could guess that you work for the company or perhaps get an ego boost from being a respected poster to the forum. Regardless, motives don't change the facts. It is not false or inflammatory to say that I do not trust Evernote anymore and that I think they are ruining their reputation. These are admittedly subjective statements of opinion.
  7. Regardless, I no longer trust Evernote, and in my opinion it certainly is using malware tactics. It has nothing to do with frequency. It's about the loss of control over my PC environment. I came to the forums to express my opinions and was met with derisive and condescending responses from regular posters. This further eroded my opinion of the company and what they might do next. It's almost as if some of the posters and perhaps even the company itself feels that subscribing to Evernote is a moral issue. I just can't entrust my data to a company that shows such poor judgement.
  8. I'm glad to see someone else mention the term malware. I no longer trust Evernote. This is exactly why I'm weary of subscribing to software. I now envision a day when I open Evernote and see a popup saying "Subscribe now to see your notes". A company that would make the mistake of turning their product into malware might also decide to hold my content hostage to encourage me to subscribe. The real cost of being a free user of Evernote now becomes apparent. It's the wasted time spent transferring my content to a program I can trust.
  9. ??? I never expected to see bananas... but such it is. Listen Mr. Frank, I shared my picture of a banana gun with you FOR FREE. I don't want any of you whiners complaining about it until you start paying me royalties on every post you make that mentions fruit. And that bruised spot is not a bug, it's a feature. The fruit-flies might be bugs, but I'm too tired to hear about them. PS: Whiners. PPS: It was cool of you to try to help my angry friend over in the Mac Product Feedback forum who started the whiners thread there. Too bad he seemed too angry to stick around and join the fun here in the Evernote community forums. His lack of humor and passion for being respected would have been assets.
  10. Complaints with no beneficial information (or to just whine) ≠ Feedback. People who come in to say "These popups are annoying, I will never pay for Evernote and I don't want to see these all the time" aren't giving feedback. If you'll never pay for Evernote, I'm pretty sure they don't care about your opinion. They'll never get a dime from you. They might, however, get some dimes from people who see those popups and keep the option in the back of their mind. Granted, I do agree that 2-3 times a day is a LOT and an Evernote employee has already said it's a bug. Letting Evernote staff know how frequently they pop up and that THAT is annoying is feedback. What's inappropriate is having multiple threads started on the same topic. It's common forum etiquette to do a search for your topic before posting a new thread. Disagreeing with the complainers, or offering reasons why Evernote has those popups, or copy/pasting the same response to the same three questions asked three times, is not censuring. Unless you think anyone disagreeing with you is censorship It's offering a different perspective, reasoning, or feedback to the user. This is not the first time Evernote has implemented popups (and not the first time they've been overzealous with them, either). Explaining this, or giving reasonable, if disappointing, responses to the kvetching, is not "championing." And if you think BnF white-knights Evernote, you should explore the forums some more There's an entire thread on people disappointed with Evernote and looking for alternatives. Read her posts there and see if you can come back to her posts mentioned here with new perspective. I think you'll find many assumptions made about her to be proven false with a bit of exploring more threads. It's a bug, but in your estimation pointing out that bug is not productive feedback? Your argument becomes blatantly ridiculous at this point. I would point out that I have subscribed to Evernote and would again if and when I need the bandwith, but the level of a user's subscription is irrelevant to bug reporting. When I came to the Evernote forums I was not expecting to encounter video game console war type fanboys, but such it is. Fascinating. Some people are really passionate about productivity tools. Fun.
  11. BNF does strike me as the sort of white knight who would set out on a quest to protect corporations from windmills. Ok... that's it... choose your weapon.
  12. BNF does strike me as the sort of white knight who would set out on a quest to protect corporations from windmills.
  13. Well, if people used the forum search tools instead of creating new threads for already hashed topics, she'd only have to say it once To cut the snark and be serious, though, these forums are mostly users. The plethora of people coming into the forums to complain about the pricing, instead of trying to start honest discussion on it, is tiring and is addressing the wrong group of people. We are all here because we like Evernote and want to talk about it. It's the Mac Redesign threads all over again. Discussion is great! But when so so so so so so many threads are just "I hate this new pricing and am leaving for OneNote, bye", it's tiring. We are not who you should be saying that to. If you want help figuring out how you can adjust your workflow to the new pricing plan, yay! That's where everyone is welcome to pop in here. We all love that chat. And if you look through most moderators' posts from their profile, you'll see that they (including BnF) are very active in voicing their displeasure with changes Evernote implements that they don't like. As long as it's productive. You'll find many moderators, including BnF, who won't hesitate to recommend a different product if they think it'll be better for you than Evernote. It's a pretty great place to have worthwhile discussion. The ratio of staff to users of Evernote on this forum is astoundingly scaled towards users. This isn't the place to have a complaint heard, at least not by anyone who can do a lick about it. Submit a support ticket. Tweet @evernote or @evernotehelps. That's a beeline to staff. We're just regular ol' people with a little green elephant in our docks/toolbars. chirmer, The Mac Product Feedback forum has the following description: "Let us know what you think about Evernote Mac--discuss feature and design feedback here." It is precisely the place for customers to tell the company what they think. What's inappropriate is other users coming into that forum with a desire to censure feedback. For BNF to express that he is tired of reading feedback from other users in the feedback forum is interesting. My suggestion would be that he not visit the feedback forums and perhaps point users who dislike certain features to those forums. The company is asking for feedback in those forums. They are free to consider or ignore feedback as they see fit and don't need other users championing them there.
  14. I've left Evernote running in the background since yesterday afternoon and haven't encountered the popup. I'm confident having an always on top popup that takes over customers computers every few hours even while the program is minimized and the user is busy working in another program was not intended and has been or will be fixed. No legitimate business would intentionally turn their product into malware like that. As for a fan of Evernote championing their product, I'm sure the company appreciates you BurgersNFries, but with help like your's who needs trolls from competing companies executing guerrilla marketing campaigns on their forums?
  15. So, a poster with the self proclaimed title of Moderator is spamming the forums upsetting users who are already a little disgruntled and pointing them towards a competing product. Very clever secret OneNote employee, very clever.
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